I have just been issued with a contact prosthesis and I would be grateful if anyone out there has any comments on the Truelife connect. I know that several people have an Amoena but I have not seen any mention of the Truelife.




Jane x


hello, I have an amoena contact - had a trulfe “ordinary” one previously which was fine. Presumably the trulife contact works on the same principles as the amoena? Hope you are finding it ok, I think they’re great!

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for bumping this up. Hopefully someone who has a Truelife will reply.

I am having problems with it sticking which is why I would like to hear from someone who has one. It would be great if it would stay on and I am trying different ways of cleaning it to see if I can get it to work. No scrubbing with the Truelife, just soap and water but most soap has moisturiser so I am now going to try my Simple facial cleanser.

Moser, the Amoena contact has the suction pads and the Truelife does not. Thanks for your reply.


emmbee - most of have only been offered the Amoena one,so have never heard of the one you have.

Did you get yours on the NHS? If you did why don’t you go back to your BCN and ask for asdvice, or if you bought it contact the suppliers.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your post.

I was lucky enough to get the contact on the NHS. I will indeed be in touch with my BCN if I cannot fathom out why the contact is not working for me. I should have had it sorted by now but I have had a few off days and have not been using it. I just thought that if anyone else had any information on it I would be saving time. Tomorrow I will try it again and see what happens.


I have the Amoena and was very disappointed intially that it didn’t seem to stick too well. Once I had given it a thorough scrubbing (5 mins) with the nail brush and gunk they provide it worked a treat.
You can buy the Amoena cleaner separately online. Might be worth a try if your Simple wash doesn’t do the trick.

Do you have back covers with your Truelife one? If I don’t want to wear the Amoenas as contact boobs then I can put them on the back of the prostheses and use them like normal ones in a mastectomy bra.

Very very jealous that people are getting contact prostheses on the NHS - my pair have set me back 300 quid.

msmolly - I think people only get a new nhs prosthesis if thay have had their old one for more than 2 years and/or it doesn’t match their other breast any more,it is damaged or they have lymphoedema/shoulder pains from using it.

Apparently in Wales they get a free lighter breast form for swimming, in addition to their ordinary one, to encourage them to keep active.

A free swimming one? Fabulous - Wales here we come then!
That’s very interesting Jeniffer. I did ask if I could have a contact one when I had the first MX - BCN raved about them - and was told that it was bog standard hefty one or nothing. Then after the 2nd mx a year later they said the same.
I suppose it all depends on your PCT. Deeply unfair IMHO.

Hi Ladies,

Back to the saga. I used the simple face cleanser on the prosthesis and on my body but the contact did not stick. Then I exfoliated my skin to get rid on any dead cells but that did not work either. Now I am waiting for my BCN to phone me to get her advice.

msmolly; I do have a back cover for the trulife so I can use it as a normal prosthesis, however, the whole point of the contact was so I could wear normal bras without pockets. It would be just my luck to be one of the people who cannot wear the contact.

The Trulife cannot be scrubbed like the Amoena.

It does seem unfair that not all UK hospitals will issue free contacts. Perhaps you should phone your local PCT and ask why this is.