Try to organise a meeting in west London ( Chiswick)opento all women who had bilateral mastectomy

Hi to all
I had Chemio- surgery- radiotherapy!
what s next?
my body has been strong to fight but in the past few weeks
I felt how nice would be to meet in person with few women
who had the same or similar bad luck to talk and feel better.
If you feel the same please keep in touch.

I would be so happy to organise a meeting in September somewhere easy to reach for all.

Please keep in touch if you feel like to chat about it and why not feel closest emotionally in real life.

Warm Regards and let’s keep in strong contact to feel happier.

High Energy

Hello - i live in south west London (as you might guess from the name!) and have had chemo, mx, anc and radio but only to one breast, not bilateral. I would be interested in getting together with other forum members in person, but how strict are your eligibility criteria?! Xx