Trying to enjoy my break with hubby but........

As alot of you know my mum was diagnosed with bc 5 weeks ago, and found something unusual in my breast and went to the emergency doctors to get a second opinion as only one doctor in my practise. They agreed that there was something that needed checking out. I went back to my GP next day and she has referred me, but said it’s not urgent and she said she is sending me to be on safe side but there is nothing she feels worried about. I am not being treated as an emergency and being fast tracked which is good I guess. The day I saw her I was feeling more positive and not worrying, and am away in Poland with my hubby for a break, but I can’t seem to push the fear that it might be something sinister out of my head. My hubby says that if she was really worried she would have me seen quickly. We had even said we would pay to see someone quickly but she said it was’t necessary.

I guess I am hoping you nice ladies will be able to reassure me a bit, I mean the doctor doesn’t thing its anything and ok you can never be 100 per cent sure, I realise that, but they must have an idea when something doesn’t feel right.

I am feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment due to the fact my daughter has severe depression and my mum has BC. I am writing this because I need some reassurance, I would prefer if people who have been told there is nothing to worry about and then found out there was doesn’t tell me, I hope this doesn’t offend but I am feeling pretty fragile at the moment and would rather hear positive not negative stuff. (I hope I don’t offend anyone, its not my attention, I am just feeling pretty low with all of this and trying to enjoy my trip with hubby, but the fear won’t let me) My doctor has also referred me to the mental health team, because with all the stuff going on I am mentally starting to sink.


J xxx

Hi Julie

Sorry to hear you are still worrying about your recent scare. I think you should trust your GP’s judgement. I know we keep hearing of them getting it wrong, but I truly believe that is uncommon. Your GP is well aware of your family history and your concerns so she would be taking loads of trouble to ensure she made a good decision. No doubt she would have consulted with her colleagues too. Remember that breast cancer is not rare, they see lots of cases so they should have experience in recognising whats serious and what isnt. I think also you have to put your faith into someone or else you will drive yourself mad. It could go on and on. When you get your results from the Breast clinic, do you believe them or do you try and find a second, third, forth and so on opinion, wondering if they all have got it wrong? Where does it all stop?

I believe your GP, if she had any doubts, would have referred you urgently. She knew you were willing to go privately and she would not risk your health in any way if she felt there was a problem. Why would she?

I know its hard to say, but I would really stop worrying especially whilst on holiday. Stop looking ahead to what might never be and from the sound of it, is not likely to be a serious problem with your breast.


Thanks Cathy for taking the time to reply it is really appreciated. Sorry if I appear to be moaning, I am trying to push the worry to the back of my mind, but sometimes it just get hard.

Jules xxxx

Hi Jules

Sorry to hear you are still very worried. I agree with Cathy that if your doctor thought there was anything at all she would have referred you, especially knowing what you are going through at the moment with your mum and daughter.

I worked for a doctor’s practice as a secretary for 10 years and they know by examination whether it is suspicious or not. Please try to put this to the back of your mind and enjoy your time with your hubby and recharge your batteries.

Love and hugs

Liz xx

Hi Jules
Its not suprising how you feel at the moment, The pressure your under at the moment is huge.
The best of luck to you and your family
Lots of love and big Cyber hugs.
Andrea xx

Hi Jules

Just to say, I don’t think at all that you are moaning. You clearly are a very worried lady,which is very different from simply having a good moan. You have a lot on your mind, with justification. I think you just have to cut yourself a bit of slack in terms of worrying as it does nothing good at all. Why don’t you allow yourself a ten minute time each day where you write down and talk about your worries and try and prioritise them. I think your fears and concerns about your mum and daughter are getting tangled up in your worries about yourself. Your daughter has depression which is a dreadful thing to cope with, your mum has breast cancer and now you feel you might have also. If you analyse those concerns though, they may not be as bad as you think. Both your mum and daughter are getting medical help for their problems and hopefully should make a full recovery. Your GP sounds very sympathetic and efficient and she is ensuring you are sent for tests for what she thinks is something not serious. You have now done all you can and worrying exessively is not helpful. Use this time with you husband to recharge your very flattened batteries and rekindle your relationship, so you come back home ready to start again. he sounds like a very understanding man, which is hard to find!!!


Thanks ladies, your comments have made me feel better today, (well until I got in and read the thread about GP’s misdiagnosing!!!) But I do think my GP knows what she is talking about and your right. Mine isn’t even a lump its a worm like thing that moves. I did have a lovely afternoon here. The sun was shining and we were sitting outside have our lunch on a boat the weather was glorious like a warm spring day. So thanks, I need to try and think of positive things and not focus on negatives.

Thank you.

J xx