Trying to gather questions to ask for results tomorrow

I had a mammogram August 16th that showed something so I returned for an ultrasound August 22nd and was told that it was small and didn’t look like anything and to come back for another ultrasound in 6 months by the radiologist. I refused to not face what may be bad news and went back to my physician and demanded something more be done. He sent me to a breast center and they wanted to perform a core needle biopsy, which I had Monday, September 19th. I get the results tomorrow afternoon and the waiting is taking its toll however I am trying to use this time to prepare myself with questions to ask whether the news be positive or negative. Anyone have any suggestions?

When i was diagnosed my consultant who is b****y brilliant told me straight away that it was BC. Last year I went through the same and it was a cyst (on the other breast). I asked him what it mean’t and again he told me full mastectomy but he could do a full reconstruction straight away. If you get told the worst and I truly hope it is onl something minor like a cyst you won’t take a lot more in anyway. It may be that you might only need a lumpectomy. You’ll prob be sent for MRI/CT/bone scan/ lymph biopsy and then after that told what treatment you may have to have.
Good luck tomorrow - you have done the right thing to get it checked out further and fingers crossed it really is something and nothing.
Ginge xx

Hi there,
the waiting is definitely the worst part. I was lucky, my hosp did a one stop shop so I knew an hour after my fine needle biopsy was taken that I had cancer and a few days later the detailed results of the core biopsy. My surgeon was brilliant but did not mince his words - frank but gentle is how I’d describe the way he told me (and the presence of the breast cancer nurse was a bit of a give away too!).

The questions you will want to ask will depend on what the results of the biopsy are.

Best case - it is a benign breast change - is one that could or should be removed, and if so on what timescales and what is involved in the surgery?

Worst case - it is cancer - what type, stage, grade, hormone status is it (these can be deduced from the core biopsy and mammo/ultrasound; sometimes stage designation changes as you go along). What is the treamtent plan - surgery (what kind), chemo, rads? What order? What other tests do they need/want to do? Test listed above by Ginge may apply. Where does stuff get done? What support is available? Who is the Breast Cancer Nurse?

*If* it proves to be cancer things will move very rapidly to begin treatment. But do remember that the vast majority of breast lumps are benign.

Take a notebook with your questions listed, and if possible a friend/partner to act as scribe.

Hopefully you can throw away the list largely unused and go out to celebrate.

Take care and hope all goes really well for you.

Thank you for your response. She did tell me whatever it is she got it all, it was small, only 4mm. So if it is nothing, at least maybe its out of there now and won’t grow. She did put in a metal marker so for future mammograms they can find the spot where the tumor was and to make sure it doesn’t start growing back. I really hope its nothing, she told me she was optimistic, but as I read posts on here I see a lot of times people get told that and then it turns out to be something. Basically I do not want to go in naive and not prepared just in case it turns out to be bad news.

Thanks again and best of luck to you too!