trying to get over this and get on with my life!

i was diagnosed in 2007 with grade 2, could not have chemo as I also have MS and they said it would put be in a wheelchair- so I agreed. Had 5 weeks of radio-therapy but Im am now feeling so low and depressed that if I could have had radiotherapy I may have a better chance. I know that I am OK at the moment but the big C word is taking over my every day living- more so than when I was going through the radiotherapy. I was wondering is there anyone out there who has MS as well as breast cancer and what did they feel.
I want my life back again and to laugh!!
Any comments would be greatly received!!

Hi Evie and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you are having such a bad time at the moment, you may find it helpful to call our helpline for further support and information on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Here’s the link to the BCC webpage ‘Moving forward’ which contains some information you may find helpful:

Best wishes

meant to say if I could have had chemo- I had radiotherapy. Typing too fast!!

Evie, I don’t have ms so can’t answer your question, but wanted to let you know I had read your post. I’m not sure what the trick is for moving on after bc dx, but I’m going to a bcc seminar on that very topic tmrw in Manchester so if I get any tips I will let you know. I think what you are feeling is very typical if how many if us feel so don’t beat yourself up
for feeling like that. I hope someone in a more similar position to you pops by soon to impart their wisdom.


Just bumping this up in case somebody else can help.

Just wanted to say hi, and echo what Tors has said. I only know of one person, a friend of a friend, so not personally, who was in your position- ie MS and BC. She got through treatment last year, and is doing very well apparently. Hopefully you will get a response from someone with some personal experience of this. There also seem to be other women who have not gone through chemo for diff. reasons, perhaps because they felt the process did not justify the possible increase in ‘odds.’
But, yes, I think we all want BC to just take a back seat. I am not as far through this as you, and it is really hard. We have a local cancer care centre that offers a good range of services. I’m thinking of going and asking about some sort of counselling. I have a good friend who was diagnosed about the same time as you, and she feels exactly the same (she had chemo, rads, mast). I think a lot of women do, whatever their diagnosis, prognosis.
Anyway, hope you get some helpful replies, and I wish you all the best,

Evie, So sorry you have so much to deal with.

I don’t have MS, or feel that I wasn’t able to have chemotherapy, although my chemo is currently having a gap. I’ve had three cycles and because of an unrelated problem that has occurred, the remaining three may not happen or they may continue after a 6 week gap. Obviously that concerns me perhaps I understand a little.

However even without your added complications it is common to feel as you do after treatment for bc.

There is a thread on here called ‘Thought I would feel great’ under ‘After treatment has finished’
Also look at this link … &Count=500

It’s written by a clinical psychologist about the emotional aftermath of cancer treatment

Hope that helps a little and that you feel more able to cope soon.

Best wishes. Stella xx

Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments. Even receiving these has lifted me. I really need to give myself a shake and try and get on with my life. I just want the old “me” back.
I will keep checking if anyone posts anything about MS and BC.
thank you all

Hi Evie,so sorry to hear your finding it difficult to cope at the moment. I don’t have MS and am just waiting to start chemo. I haven’t been dx that long but just wanted to suggest that you go along to your local support group if you have one. I was feeling very low a few weeks ago and didn’t really recognise myself (if you know what I mean). So I forced myself to go along to our local cancer support centre, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. Being able to speak to women who had been in my position was very helpful, and I have arranged to go back next week for a ‘visualisation’ group, and a massage. Hope your feeling more positive, sending you cyber hugs. Donnax

Thank Donna for the info. I never went along to a MS support group when I was diagnosed with it as I felt I could cope with it myself which I did and still do. But I do think that BC is different and as they say a problem shared is a problem halved so maybe I shall just do that.
I hope that the chemo goes well and thanks for taking the time to reply to me
good luck and keep in touch

I am at 4yrs and 10mths and I’ve just learned that It’s not something to get over and get on with your life but to accept that it is just another part of your life. It will change me (hopefully for the better) but it cannot be ignored any more than I would ignore the birth of my kids or anything else I experience. I know that doesnt make it easier maybe helps to bring it into perspective.
Lots of love