Trying to move forward but setbacks not helping the anxiety



I just wondered if others had similar experiences and/or could say how they’d come through. I’m really grateful that they caught the cancer early and that it hadn’t spread, I’ve been looked after well and feel so pathetic that I get upset. I just find myself getting anxious at the least thing going wrong healthwise now.


I just seem to have had one thing after another health wise in the last 3 years; adenomyosis (had loads of tests before they diagnosied this and was suppose to have hysterectomy however then diagnosed with hole in the heart after tests for really bad arrythmia episodes, so then couldn’t have that hysterectomy op. as it’s too invasive and could cause a blood clot. So while waiting for heart appointment at Freeman hospital I was diagnosed with BC (treatment delayed slightly till got all clear from heart surgeon for op) and since BC surgery I’ve been back and forth from hospital and GP getting things sorted for surgery complications etc. It’s hard to move on and still waiting for other medical issues to be sorted.


BC diagnosed in Oct 2016, SLE and breast reduction (both breasts) Dec 2016. Developed Seroma week after surgery and infection under arm, antibiotics for 3 weeks and then about month later my breast with the cancer became very swollen and red and bruised; no known injury. Put on antibiotics again, they thought it was an infection however also quite a lot of bleeding intothe skin, so possibly a hematoma. Week later took me off antibiotcs but within 2 days my breast became extremely heavy and sore and I felt hot and ill. Back on antibiotics. Rads delayed twice. Anway eventually after back and forth to hospital it settled and had 15 days of rads. Rads finished 31/03. Apart from a really sore skin tag near my arm pit and being very tired and feeling a bit sick Rads went quite well.


Then 3 weeks ago huge lump came up on my breast left lowerside and my breast swelled again and went deep red and bruised with bleeding into the skin again. Called BCN who told me to come in. They put me on antibiotics again, saying it looked like cellulitus, they weren’t sure what the lump was.I left in tears (felt so stupid but I felt really overwhelmed).


Checkup week later and they thought that maybe it was actually just blood vessels bursting so took me off the antibiotics and said to come back in a week. My DH said we felt that wasn’t enough as this wasn’t the first time and it wasn’t actually any better and the lump was very hard. They agreed to a scan.


That was last Tuesday, by Thursday I was back as it worse and was heavy feeling. Saw my surgeon this time who happened to be there. He put me back on antibiotics for 2 weeks (still on them) and said he thought the lump could be a hematoma or fat necrosis and I should have a scan which we told him we’d already asked for one. He asked nurse to check it had been booked; scan is next week.


Went back this week for check up and the doctor I saw the first time said to come off the antibiotics again because it was looking better (which it is (thankfully); still swollen but more pinky red and yellow green round bruised areas). Although I still have a huge lemon sized lump; the doctor thinks it could be a hematoma. My DH (who is my rock; I struggle to ask stuff and forget what I want to say) asked if it would not be better to continue and finish the course of antibiotics, the doctor agreed. We asked why this keeps happening as I have had no accidents etc, so they decided to do some blood tests to check blood clotting.


Last night when I went to bed I got undress and my breast felt so uncomfortable around the lump area. It feels very hard and swollen. I got upset and started crying; think its just that feeling that all this is happening and you have no control over it and though you tell yourself that you could be so much worse off and how blessed you are, it can be overwhelming.


Anyway just wondered if anyone else had had a bad hematoma or fat necrosis and how long it took to sort out etc please? How you coped?


So sorry for such a long post.


Kind regards


Hi Fiona,
So sorry to hear what you’ve been through, no wonder you feel as you do, as it would appear, nothing has been straightforward.
I have not had a similar problem, but wanted to ackowledge your post & send my best wishes that this resolves soon.
Hopefully, one of the other ladies will be able to advise.
ann x