Hello Everyone,

We had a lively and lovely live chat last night and it seemed that most of us were keen to meet up and I think by the end of the chat we decided as we are all far flung that it would make sense to meet up in central London.

As I have a lot of mail addresses from my photography project, I offered to start the planning but for those of you that are interested but have not contacted me about photography I thought I would start a thread.

So I wondered what we all would like to do… Ideas from last night were high tea & champagne at the Ritz which I have checked out online, looks lovely. This would be in the afternoon so we could go there and back in the same day if we wanted to.

Other ideas were a meal or a show and some liked the idea of staying overnight in a hotel.

So if you could let me know what you would like to do, whether you would like a daytime meet or an evening meet, would prefer weekdays or weeked then we could get the ball rolling.

Also I thought maybe April time as the clocks will have gone forward so we will have more hours of daylight for travelling which always is nicer (although i know we are all big girls now). We must bear in mind dm1968 is on hols for first 2 weeks of April and i know she would like to be involved.

This is open to anyone with secondary cancer (and a friend or sister) who would like to meet other ladies with secondary cancer. Most of us have never met another woman face to face in the same position as us and others have met up previously and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I look forward to hearing from you all and will mail those of you whose addresses I already have.

Angee xx

I keep forgetting to log on at secondary chat time. Someone needs to prompt me i think!!
I would like to meet up with you all. As I’m not that strong anymore, I think I could only manage something like tea at the Ritz. It needs to involve walking as little as possible.I would not like to stay overnight but my trains run back quite late so not a problem. I would prefer an afternoon/early eveing meet but it does not matter if it is a weekday or weekend. I would have to come home earlier on a weekday but I suppose my inlaws could pick the children up.
just reading back what I’ve written and I sound a bit of a liability so arrange what the majority want to do and if I can make it i will.
Hope to meet you all

I don’t do live chat (sorry was born in first half of 20th century… just) but I qualify for the proposed Day Out as I have secondary bc in bones. My hairdresser’s daughter just happens to work at the Ritz… please keep me informed as to progress.

Kate - You are not a liability. We have found in the past, that it takes a bit of organising and some time, to come up with arrangements that suit the majority, but it can be done.

For my part, would love to be involved.



To anyone in East Anglia,

We are hoping to arrange a lunch sometime soon. Anyone interested?


HI Angee

I’d be interested and I’m sure a few of my other friends who have secondaries would think it was a good idea as well! You’ve got my email address I think - Ritz sounds good!!


Hi dippykate,

You are most certainly not a liability! I have bone mets too and at the moment find walking too far / too long very painful and tiring so tea would suit me too. I imagine there are a lot of people like us that are not as mobile or agile as they once were. And I’m sure the Ritz has comfy chairs!! But are they ready for a whole load of women to descend upon them…?

Angee x

Hi Angee

That’s a point!!! Will we cause a commotion!!!


Definitely up for a day/afternoon/evening in London. April would be fine - just need a bit of notice as I’m still at work and might need to move things around a bit. You have my email I think Angee?

jennywren - if there is a lunch in East Anglia I’d love to come.

I keep missing out on the live chat - though it’s great to be back at work I find that I’m asleep on the couch within minutes af getting in…


Hi Jenny

Whereabouts in East Anglia where you thinking of?


Yes please to the Ritz. :slight_smile: Sent you an email last night Angee.
Manon and Pinkdove we normally meet at the Red Lion at Grantchester but we can meet elsewhere if it’s easier.

Hi Belinda

Not been to Grantchester before - been to the Old Bridge at Godmanchester (I think it’s Godmanchester??) before.

Will have a word with a couple of my other friends who have secondaries and see if they would like a trip out if you let us know when you’re next meeting.


Will keep you posted Pinkdove. Belinda…x

Thanks Belinda

Do you post on the other site as well? I’m Sheena on there (just to complicate things!)

Hi again! no I don’t. Belinda…x

Just a thought as I could have given you my email address…

You can exchange email addresses in private messages on this site x

Hi All,
Wow! Sounds like I missed out on a good chat last night. Please count me in for tea at the Ritz, last train to the frozen North is 1921 I think. Also I am doing a trade show in NEC 6-9th April and its my birthday on the 15th.
Looking forward to it.

We would have to contact any hotel/venue to tell them of any special needs or mobility issues. If we wanted, I am sure we could get a private room or similar. I think once, when we met in Coventry, and had made the hotel aware of our situation, the hotel footed our dinner bill. (Never did quite get to the bottom of that one…)


HI ladies

Would love to meet up, but I’m in Manchester! I can travel down to London but am restricted to weekends (hubby works during the week)

Not sure when I can make it though - got my reconstruction surgery 2 weeks today, then The Big Scan on 9 April to see if my hormone therapy has been working or not… if not, then it’s chemo time and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to travel much then, depending on how it hits me…

More than happy to organise a Northern Meet Up though!!