Trying to stay positive but worried.....

I am trying to remain positive and rational but am really worried about recent hosp apt and waiting for biopsy to be done tomorrow. I was diagnosed with bc last August. Her2 + Hormone +. Treatment included WLE then chemo then rads. Now on Herceptin and Letrozole. Have been concerned about some lumpiness under scar line on affected breast and recently saw breast surgeon who did not feel that there was anything to worry about. However he organised a scan to double check. Had scan on Friday and the Dr. then arranged a mamogram for that afternoon and then he rescanned the area. He says something he not quite sure of and that he would like to do a biopsy to understand better what is or is not going on. Hence, the biopsy tomorrow. All sorts of thoughts going on in my head and I appreciate that no-one can tell me anything that can explain my situation. Just wanted to get it out somewhere. I feel that I had just been getting back to some sort of normal and then this. Sorry for ranting. I will go now and try to distract myself in some way. Best wishes to all. J.

Oh Jayne,

Of course you’re worried. But hopefully it will just rule out anything nasty in there? Having been sent away with no biopsy a few times before being diagnosed I would always prefer that they check EVERYTHING out now if only to put my mind at ease.

Hope it turns out to be absolutely nothing and you manage to take your mind off it this afternoon.


oh no, I cannot begin to think what you are going through. Its bad enough when you are waiting for your first set of results and can still say " who me? no of course I cannot ever get cancer" but to have a lump whist you are still being treated must be a nightmare.

i am sure someone else is going to come along who went through the same thing.

All I can say is that the surgeon seems at first to have thought given all your recent treatment of course you had no worries about reaoccurance so soon. But he did find a lump and needs to find out what it is.

I am sure there are lots of other explanations–did he give you any possibilitie? Scar tissue gone mad. Thickening due to rads? etc

But there is no point telling you not to worry. Even if the surgeon had said “I am99% that this lump is not cancer” there is that bit in us all that says ----Help what if it is the 1% chance?

You have done the right thing getting it all out on here, it does help to vent. And I dont know if the help lines are open sunday mornings.

Will it be one or two weeks for results?? Another wait.

Anyway as sandytoes said, it is good that they are being uber careful and checking it out hopefully you will be on here later reporting a false alarm

If it helps here is a cyber hug

Thank you both for your replies. It is good to have someone to talk to at times like this outwith the family (who are also going through their own anxieties). I was told on Friday that I should get the biopsy results at the end of the coming week. so, not too long to wait. I just feel like, ‘here I go again’ and can I really do it? Trying to keep positive is so hard this time, probably because I know so much more now. However, as you say, try not to get to bogged down with negative thoughts when I don’t really know what I am dealing with. Thanks again, J.

glad you have things to keep your mind busy, if during a quiet moment the demons start at you again come back on here, you will be surprised that even late at night there tends to be somebody around

Thanks for that. I often jump on here and even if i don’t post, the others comments can help me. I have tried to keep busy this afternoon with visiting relatives but will be so glad when next week is over. At least then I will know what I am dealing with. If anything. Thanks again. J.

Hi Jay I can imagine whats going through your mind I would be the same, but try not to worry too much (easy said I know) BUT it could just be scar tissue this happened to a friend of mine who had several biopsy & needle aspirations as they ‘were not quite sure’ it did turn out to be scar tissue,then re mammos then scans again but they have to rule everything & just double checking all the time they wont take any risks because of previous BC I know its nerve wrecking but keep that in mind & I keep everything crossed that its all this is
Big hugs
Mekala x

Jay so sorry to hear of your predicament, but and I know it’s hard try and stay positive and remember how many people are rooting for you