Trying to stay strong :(

Hi all, thank you in advance for reading this.
Im a 35 year old mum of 3 beautiful children. My oldest is 6 and the baby just turned 7 months. My problems started when I was pregnant with my youngest. Things haven’t really settled down and I went to the doctor yesterday because of swelling. This is when I started to get really worried. The speed at which things have been done. I have already had a phone call from the breast clinic and an appointment within is week. I wanted to ask is the normal procedure or is it so quick because something is wrong? I am terrified and trying not to show it for my huband and children’s sake. Anyone got any tips on how to stay calm? TIA

Hi Cw003 and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and shared experiences you will soon have from your fellow users please feel free to call our helpliners on Monday for further support and a listening ear. Lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

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Hi Tia

The normal procedure is, for the breast clinic to see you preferably in one week, but up to two weeks I think is within the guidelines. I was seen at the clinic one week after being referred and results were one week later. Some hospitals have a ‘fast track’ system where tests are done and results given the same day. Don’t read anything sinister into this, it is normal. Most younger women (your age) have the opposite problem, because a lot of doctors dismiss them as being ‘too young’ as most lumps in younger women are benign so do bear this in mind as that is what your lump might be.

As far as keeping calm is concerned, I don’t have any foolproof tips, you will worry. You probably will have sleepless nights. If things become too unbearable, talk to your husband, a close friend or relative, or simply come on here to moan, rant or even have a good cry on our shoulders. That’s what this forum is for. Wishing you good luck for when you get your appointment and hoping for a good outcome for you.
(((BIG HUGS))) Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Tia,
Your appointment is not so quick because something is wrong, you’ve just got an efficient NHS trust who are working within the guidelines - you are lucky in that respect, some women on this site have unfortunately had to fight to get an appointment. Please try not to worry too much - I know, much easier said than done - the majority of the women who are referred to a breast clinic DO NOT have BC and stay away from Google, your imagination will run riot and you’ll scare yourself wittless. On this site you can download a booklet which tells you what to expect from your visit to the Breast Clinic- sorry but I don’t know how to put in a link in to it for you. At the moment you are in the worst place-“the waiting room” - once you get some answers you’ll feel much calmer.
Do make use of this site, we all know the dark place you are in at the moment and hopefully can give you information, support, virtual hugs, a shoulder to cry on if you need it and a sympathetic ear if you need to rant.
Best wishes, Pat x

Hi Cw003

Here’s the link to the ‘Worried’ section of the website where you will find the breast clinic appointment publication Pat has kindly mentioned:\_source=promo\_content&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=worried


Thank you so much ladies for your kind words and advice. I am very anxious about this because of my history. I’ve had two infections in the same breast, one was before my baby was born and the second was 3 weeks after her birth. The second infection was a severe case of mastitis which resulted in sepsis and a long hospital stay. Since then the infection has cleared but I have been getting swelling in my breast and under my arm. I am very pleased that I can be seen so quickly. I just didn’t realise that the NHS aim to see each person within two weeks. My husband and I have had a long chat and he is very supportive. I am pleased I have found this site as it has helped to explain things. I will stay away from google the things that have come up there are way too scary. Thank you again for all your help.