Tubular breast cancer

Hiya, I’ve been diagnosed officially today with Tubular breast cancer at stage 1 and low grade, outlook is good and have been told they expect to deal with it with lumpectomy, radiotherapy and several years of tamoxifen, anyone lse in the same boat I can talk to??

Hi again Kim… I know the worry is immense and diagnosis is a hard-to-absorb shock. Everyone here will know how that feels - you’re not alone. I’m frantic myself, against my own will. Stage 1/ low grade sounds extremely positive and encouraging in the scheme of things. Do you have a BCN you can go to with questions? Also, there are lots of glowing reports on here regarding the BCC helpline: 

Lines open again tomorrow morning at 9am through to 5pm (weekdays) and 10-2 Saturdays.   0808 800 6000 


Sending positive thoughts…