Tubular ladies any where

I found out last week mine was tubular, grade 1, 24mm…apparently one of the best sort to get…(if your going to get one)…anyone else out there, apparently it’s suppose to be rare as in 2% of those diagnosed, still looking around for info on this type, good news it doesn’t normal reoccur or spread???

Hi Tally,
I am a tubular gal too! I had 3 lumps 13mm 5mm and 4mm if I remember correctly.
From what I’ve read it is rare and the percentage varies form 2-9%.
But I think we are very lucky to have this one.Its still scarey though isn’t it?
I was diagnosed July 2008 but had another lump July 2009 which they think was a bit of the original ones left behind.That bit wasn’t quite so lucky!
What treatment are you having?
Good luck with it all and welcome to the very select “tubular club” LOL!

hi, im tubular as well i was dx at end nov and had wide local excisoin and sentinal node biopsy. my oncologist also told me that it is one of the rarest forms, slowest growing, least likey to spread and least likey to reoccur. i feel very lucky i didnt need chemo i had 15 x radiotherapy. even tho it is as positive as you can get in this situation its still a very scary and emotional path, i thought it was going to be a breze but my emotions are all over the place and ive not gone back to work yet, ive got a sick note til mid april
sue x

Hi, I’m another tubular lady! I was diagnosed in September 2007. I had a lumpectomy, axillary node sampling, 15 rads, and I’m on Tamoxifen until 2012. I was node negative, and thankfully I didn’t need chemo. I was told by my surgeon and my onc that it is one of the most favourable forms to have, and the chance of recurrence is very low. In fact, I’ve been discharged by the surgeon and the onc, and now just see the BCN every six months, and have a yearly mammo. I went through some low times, too, but thankfully things are looking a lot brighter now. Hope this reassures you x

Hey, does that mean were bosom buddies, lol
Diagnosed nov 5th 09, lumpectomy and 6 lymph nodes removed with a trace being found in one of them, dec 11th, only just started rads, had 8 out of 33, 8 of those will be boosters, just started to feel tender.
Will be starting on arimidex shortly, think I have to go see my own GP for prescription.
Brain turned to mush, only one thought going through it but have to get on with things as near normal as possible because of the kids, eldest being autistic so his take on things is quiet amusing at times.
Just hoping that some time in the near future, this will just be a distant memory.
It’s great, in a “you know what I mean sort of way” that I have found fellow tube suffers. xx

Hi ladies. i’m a member of the tubular group too,diagnosed 2008 1x15mm, 1x5mm and 1x1cm, 6xnode sample thankfully clear, mast as multifocal, so no rads, 6 monthly checks and yearly mammos, was told the same by my onc best kind to have if there is such a thing:)now just awaiting recon as immediate recon failed after 48 hrs, we seem to be a minority group ladies lol, have done as much research as possible and everything looks extremely favourable for us. Wishing you all continued health in body and mind, Sandra xxx

Hi Ladies, I too had Tubular cancer and have also been told it is the one with the best prognosis. I had WLE and SNB in November 09 and finished 15 rads just under 3 weeks ago. I think we can be very positive and optimistic about the future, but still need to come to terms with the whole experience and SEs of the treatment. I’m on Tamoxifen for 5 years and hating it - I have turned into a miserable old bag.

It is nice to find all of you in the same boat though!

E xx

Well I think I have one foot in 2 camps! DX Feb 17th and have
1x 2mm tubular and 1x 18mm IDC. Was also told that the tubular bit was ‘the best to get’. But still have to contend with the IDC too!! Treatment sounds fairly similar, I am taking Tamoxifen and start Rads in a couple of weeks.