just got back from mri scan and have been told i have tubular not lobular anyone else?

Did they diagnose that from MRI? Or have you had a biopsy?
I have tubular BC too.Its quite rare,I think only about 2-9% of BCs are tubular.(depending on the data you read)
The good news is that it has less chance of spreading or recurring than other types.
Welcome to the very select tubular club!

thanks dot. yes i had mri scan done today its 6mm and tubular op tues at salford royal

Hi, I was diagnosed in September 2007, with tubular bc. It was grade 1, stage 1, 8mm, with negative nodes. It was also ER+. I had a WLE, and 15 rads, plus 5 years Tamoxifen. I was also told that tubular bc has an excellent prognosis, and the chances of it coming back are minimal. In fact, I was told by my surgeon that I have every chance of having a perfectly normal lifespan. I found this very reassuring.

thanks lyn this is looking more positive(in a negative situation)

just looked this up for you on cancer research website tippy…

Tubular breast cancer
Tubular cancer of the breast is called ‘tubular’ because the cells have a tubular shape when looked at under a microscope. Only about 1 in 100 breast cancers (1%) are tubular cancers.

Treatment is the same as for other types of invasive breast cancer. But you may not need to have your lymph nodes removed. This type of breast cancer is also less likely than other types to come back after treatment. So, the outlook is generally good.