I was just wondering… as there has been problems in recent weeks with people being locked out, could we try as a ‘social experiment’ to let everyone who wants to come in, come in and see how we all cope with lots of people. From what I understand BCC decides whether there are enough people in the chatroom and if someone tries to get in, say at 8.50pm and the room is deemed full enough, they can’t get in.

As women we are famous for our ability to hold one conversation, listen to another, worry about our own cancer and comfort others whilst doing our ironing and playing the banjo with our teeth so perhaps we could give it a go and see how we cope with lots of us in the chat room.

Come on BCC… it is cheese and wine night this week after all…

Angee xx

I’ll add my big plea as well to do this, BCC. Really want to join in our “cheese and wine night” - but not if by being there, I’m excluding others.

Can’t we at least try letting everyone in, BCC, this coming week? PLEASE

Kay xx

I agree with both Angee and Kay and think you should leave it open to as many users as want to attend and see what happens, at least that way you can monitor what happens and as Angee said, we are able to multitask, read, write etc all at the same time.

In this day and age it should be possible for as many people to chat on line, like MSN etc, so come on BCC, lets get this sorted.


I agree, you should not be shutting people out. There are times I’ve joined Live Chat, when it has been completely empty, just me and bc nurses bouncing around a big empty internet. If this service is being offered at all, it should be up to coping with demand for it.


Jenny, yes me too, there hardly used to be anyone on chat. Wasn’t it mentioned once that it might be dropped 'cos of lack of numbers? If there are many more users now please BCC don’t shut them out.
PS…in the olden days we didnt have cheese and wine either…sounds good. :slight_smile:

I have posted on the other thread on this subject, but all of it isnt relevant to this thread, so I am just copying the part that is.

Some members with secondaries are just so desperate to share in livechat with others in the same boat and here on what is presumably best UK breastcancer site there is (if what is spent on it is a yardstick) they are limited in number and time to less than 10 people and for one hour a week. On the other site we have unlimited access, admittedly not with the luxury of a breastcare nurse in attendance but I suspect between those of us with breast cancer we have many many years of experience to offer and don’t actually need a bcn present. What everyone wants is to speak to others in the same boat as themselves without all these restrictions.



I agree with the above comments made by Angee and Dawn - I think that we should all be allowed to chat and see how it goes.

If it really is confusing, then its back to the drawing board!!! I’m sure that we will provide our comments to improve the service.

I must admit that I dont actually like the idea of requesting an invitation on a Monday…

Anne x

PS Belinda - please come and join us for cheese and wine?? x

I totally agree with you all…we are all big girls now and as such can hold a conversation with several people at once if we want too.
Also it can be good just to let the conversation flow and just join in a little…which is very hard when its just you and bc nurse in chat, as it was a few months ago.
I think its great that more people are using the service but ridiculous that numbers are being restricted.
Angee’s idea sounds sensible…go on BCC give it a go…after all you have got nothing to loose!!

Hi Anne! I’ll try and make it…hope I don’t get ‘‘locked out’’… :frowning:

I everyone should be allowed too. I wish I could join in but won’t be home in time from work. I walk in house just when chat is ending. I hope that I can join over spring break then will be back in the summer. Funnyface

Has any decision been made by BCC about tonight’s live chat and how many people will be allowed in?


Hi Angee, I read somewhere here that there’s no need to register this week but nothing about numbers. I’d like to try and make it tonight but I don’t want to take up a place if numbers are being restricted and my joining means someone else is unable to get in chat when they need to share a concern, worry. Hoping we hear something soon.

Hi Angee and Belinda

There was a post on the other Live Chat thread (Help…Live Chat) yesterday which said, as you say Belinda, that registration isn’t being brought in this week (didn’t say it wouldn’t be in the future) but didn’t say whether numbers would be limited.

Like you Belinda I’m loathe to join in whilst others are being excluded as I have no pressing concerns etc (though have a wound check this pm and it’s oozing in one place (sorry!) so I might have by this evening!!). I have really enjoyed the last 2 weeks though and would like to take part again tonight. So not sure what to do…

Kay xx


Just gonna stick my oar in again…although I haven’t been using chat for ages, I feel strongly you shouldn’t be put off joining in tonight. If everyone gives it a miss, it will defeat the object.

We all need support at different levels…if its a chat on here once a week then you sould not feel bad for doing this. Hopefully BCC will come to their senses and see that the need for this is definately there.

I feel as others do - I had said to someone here I may join in tonight (though haven’t done so for ages) but do not wish to do so at the expense of others with more pressing needs. I usually join purely for the gossip and not necessarily to discuss breast cancer issues.


I think it is testamony to what fab women there are on this site that want to join the chat but feel that there may be others with more pressing issues. I think anyone who wants to chat should chat whether they feel there reasons are pressing, serious or merely the joy of chatting to people each week who leave with the same hopes and fears. BCC need to sort out the capacity issue not us but think it is so lovely that so many of us are concerned we are taking the place from someone else.

Angee xx

I would like to take the opportunity of saying Thank You to the powers that be - for removing the limits on tonights chat.

I thought that it went well and would like to hope that it can continue to be open numbers.

My only problem was that I was locked out twice - along with Dawnhc - tad annoying to say the least!

Thank you anyway - here’s to next week!!!
(Abbey and Izzy - hope that you’ve enjoyed your G&Ts to recover!!!)

Anne xx

Hi sixpen and all live chatters

I will look into why people are getting locked out of the chat as a matter of urgency. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Best wishes