Tumour marker raises but scan says stable

Hi all I’m on Ehertu chemo and recently my tumour maker has been going up had a scan 2 months ago and showed cancer stable and now had another scan and still showing stable , but the marker show different, my oncologist said could be cancer coming back somewhere, has anyone experienced this . Could the maker go down ,my doctor said it could .

Sorry about yhat.
I read markers sometimes are sign of infections or something else…may be ask to have a markers test again after 2 moths from previous, and if nothing come up ask for more scans, like tc or ultrasound.
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Thank you for your reply, my doctor does my markers every month and have been going up by 10 points in the pass 3 months , I did have inflammation infection pass two months so hopefully it that , it was a CT scan I have and she is repeating it again in January because I just had CT scan .

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Than hopefully is just that, best wishes and keep us updated please

Hi Camilleri,

Thank you for your post. It’s understandable you want to know more about why a tumour marker might go up, but no change can be seen on a scan.

There are different tumour markers and as @Amel says, these levels may go up for other reasons and are not always an indication that a cancer has come back or is growing. The results always need to be looked at in combination with scan results as this will provide more detailed information. Sometimes, tumour markers can go down, as your doctor says. The next tumour marker results and scan in January may give a better idea of what might be happening.

Our information of secondary breast cancer and support available may be of help.

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