tumour markers

Have been on Herceptin since Aug. 06 and tumour markers rising since May 07. Gone from 30 to 41, may have to have more chemo, anybody been here?

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I have been on Herceptin for about a year and have never heard of tumor markers. What are they?

Ive been on Herceptin since Aug. 06 and it is only recently they have been mentioned to me, probably because they have been rising slowly. Every 3 months I have a blood test before I see the onc. I believe it is called CA153. If the level keeps rising it could mean cancer cells are present and need investigation. My level went up to 41 but my last bloods it had fallen to 39. We are all different, my onc. told me one of his bc patients tumour marker is always around 70 and she is fine. Maybe yours are fine and so not mentioned, I’m not sure if every hospital even uses these markers.
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Thanks for info Pipkins.
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I am on Herceptin and have never had tumour markers mentioned to me all the way through my treatment. I also haven’t had a blood test since last July. I finish my Herceptin in April and have been told I will have one more oncology appointment 3 weeks later, then it’s back to yearly checkups with the breast clinic.