I was diagnosed in March 2009. I had a masectomy and reconstruction, but when they went to take the lymph glands under the arm they could not find any. So this led me to decide against chemo, and and the fact it could make me infertile, and at 36 I decided this was not the best option for me. I have opted for Radiotheraphy and a Zoladex injection once a month for 2 years. Can anyone tell me if they have or are having the Zoladex injection and how they are getting on with it. I have only had one at the moment and feel fine, but I’m waiting for the hot flushes with bated breath

Hiya - I turned down chemotherapy for similar reasons to you, although I’m older (43) and 18 months in, think I made the right decision. My tumour was !00% oestrogen so hormonal treatment seemed to make more sense. I can’t say it’s been a complete breeze - I get hot flushes and also get quite tired and grumpy - although I think it would have been easier if I hadn’t tried to plough on in the way I had before the treatment. At times, I should listened to my body a bit more and taken life a bit more easily. I did sometimes panic over the choice I’d made in the early days, but don’t really now. Oh, incidentally, did they warn you that you might get one last period? I got some headaches but they went after a month or two.