Turning into a hypochondriac

Not sure I am posting this in the right place and not sure what I am even trying to say.


Up to  2012 I was as fit as a fiddle and went to the doctors so rarely that when I did make an appointment my own GP had been retired for nearly 4 years and I didnt even know.



Then my whole world changed.  In January 2012 my sister who was a year older than me was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer (she was a non smoker). In February 2012 I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer.  My sister died in March, and I had surgery in May followed by radiotherapy. Even though chemo was suggested I wasnt in the right place to go through it following my sister dying and it was agreed that I would have regular mammograms and check ups which I have been having.


No idea why but yesterday I was looking on Cancer Research UK website and I got on to the screening for lung cancer page.  They say there is no screeningbut listed facts and figures.  One of them was if you had a first degree relative who had lung cancer your risk was increased by 51%.  Thats me.  ALso if you have had radiotherapy for breast cancer your risk is also increased.  We all know smoking increases your risk.  I was a heavy smoker up until 2010.  I’ve got myself in a right stew now as its almost as if my risk has gone up to 100%.  Like I say this is probably not the thread or the forum to be posting on but boy do I need a bit of reasurance at the minute and just dont know where to turn

Hello Cauli ,


I cannot really answer your questions, but I did not want to just read and run so I thought I would try and allay some of your fears. When we have had a Cancer diagnosis we all feel paranoid at every little ache and pain. We all feel as though we want everything checking, scanning and begin to wonder when it will ever end. When I had counselling for anxiety I was told that it was indeed a rational fear and nobody who has Not had Cancer can really understand. You are perfectly normal. Having checked the websites for information about your sisters cancer it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking the worst. However ,  remember we are all so very different and our bodies can cope with things in different ways. My Nana had a brother who smoked until he was over 70 but he did not die from Lung Cancer. I too tried to beat myself up about taking the Contraceptive pill. If only I hadnt taken it,  I should have made my husband have the snip and all the usual dramatic outpourings of anxious rantings. This is the place to let other people know your fears because we are the ones who understand.

Try and be Mindful of what you are doing each day. Keep busy and go for long walks to get rid of nervous tension and remember to take big deep breaths.

Sending you love and positive vibes Tracy xxx

Hi Cauli & Tracy,
I know were your both coming from.

I was as fit as a lope, never ill, one of the lucky ones. Never signed on the doctors until near retiring age, beginning to think I jinks it. First rushed into hospital with appendixes , Then the dreaded breast cancer,Never smoked, rarly drank, don’t believe in taking tablets, my only vice, food. I blame putting on to much weight for my cancer, well that’s what I think.
The touble is I am a born worrier, I have my yearly check up next Wednesday. I feel very down, very worried in case they come up with something. I have had a pain in my shoulder/upper arm now since May, keep looking on the internet to see if it could be cancer connected. The trouble is there is so much out there, each saying different to each other. Doctors don’t seem to tell you anything, even when you ask they work round it. If I am worried, or down, I comfort eat.

I’ve had an x ray, but chest clear, & they could only find slight wear & tear in shoulder, plus 2 staples that had been left in from op. ( Could they be sitting on nerve??? Or something??)


My doctor did say if the shoulder keeps paining he would ask for a scan,

Then another panic sets in. Is it to be one including injection, I have mega needle phobia.

I got amnesia when they took the biopsy, I still can’t remember what happened.

How can we not worry?? I try & joke about, & laugh at it, but underneath, well you know how you feel.

Telling some one does help. My friends cancer came back last year after 5 years, she died in jan this year. We had each other to confid in.

I have a husband, but he doesn’t understand & does my head in.

Thank you ladies for letting me let loose on you, I hope in turn in a way it helps you.

All the best to you both, sending you speciel huggs, & happy thoughts.

Carol  xxxx

I mentioned to my oncologist in August that about 5 times since I had my op that I had eoken up and my left arm is totally dead. I cant feel it all. After rubbing it for 10 mins the feeling comes back. He referred me for a neck x ray ( which showed oesteoporsis in two discs in my neck). I was also referred to a neurologist. I had a ct scan and an mri. Results were ok. However, I am now having pains in my other arm and I woke up yesterday and again I woke up and my arm was totally dead. What do I do? Im scared stiff the cancer has spread.


The dead arm thing happens to me too. I regularly wake up with numb hands and I have to flex my fingers for some time to get things feeling normal again. I wondered if it was due to having lymph nodes removed.


I don’t have a dead arm but I regularly have a dead finger which tingles then goes totally white - always the middle finger on my left hand. All other fingers are normal skin colour but middle one has all colour drained away. Happens a couple of times a week
Big hugs to everyone xxxx

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