Twelve months on and Collapsed!

Hi all
I finished treatment, TAC chemo, bilateral and axillary clearance 5 out of 19 nodes along with surrounding tissue affected by cancer, then rads, September last year. The past twelve months have been spent having various scans and tests as I have continuous pain in my back waist level on the same side as the rads. Given the all clear in October and told ‘a side effect of chemo etc’. Also advised by GP am suffering from Depression, surprise, surprise.
Went to a Gospel Choir Concert on Thursday evening, don’t get out much, where I live is very rural with very little transport and taxis are expensive! Was thoroughly enjoying myself after three songs when I felt extremely hot (although the church was quite cool) got up to go outside and promptly collapsed in a heap on the floor. I was helped into the church porch where I collapsed again and apparently was incoherent for a short while after I came round. I was shipped off to A & E in an ambulance but they could find nothing wrong. Blood Pressure, bloods etc all OK.
I have been having an intermittant sharp pain in my neck and ear along with short headaches on the same side as the cancer for a few weeks and naturally have been worried. Now having had the ‘collapse’ I don’t know what to do. I spent most of this year trogging back and forth to the Hospital 20 miles (2 buses) in each direction and don’t want to start it all over again. Also having shouted ‘Wolf’ once I don’t want to get the label of ‘hypochondriac’.
Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Could it be muscular? How long should I leave it before contacting my Oncologist or should I go to my GP first? In the letter the hospital sent to my GP when I got the all clear this year, they said I should be referred ‘earlier rather than later’ presumably as my GP took from February to August to actually refer me to my oncologist although he arranged most of the scans.
Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Dear Nonny,

I am sure the other forum members will soon be along to offer support. You can also speak to one of out trained Helpline staff who can offer information and support. It will be open again at 9.00 tomorrow. The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi Nonny I am at the same stage as you, a year on. I am having exactly the neck, ear head pain you describe. As i have an appointment with onc in a week i am just leaving it till then. I would think though that you should make an appiontment especially with other symptoms and collapsing. Were you taken to A+E of hospital where you are treated? If so oncologist may have been informed.take care kittyx
Sorry shiuld have read more carefully I am am 12 months from initial diagnosis.

Hi Nonny

Don’t want to worry you in any way but my advise would be to contact your bc nurse and get seen asap. You are not in any way being a hypcondriac you are listening to your body which is saying something may not be right. Far to many of us wait patiently and sometimes we need to take things into our own hands and it is much better to get this off your mind and get it checked out and be on the safe side. Please get it see to the sooner the better.

Love Anne xx