twinges and pain in breast

Since starting on FEC , I started experiencing tingling and twinges in the breast almost immediately.
Now after 3 cycles of FEC I have just started with docetaxel and my breast is twinging and having sharp pains in it.
I put this down to the tumour shrinking.has anyone else experienced this and am I right to assume its caused by the chemo working.
thanks, JB


I am having all the same twinges and pains that you have mentioned. I am 10 days after FEC 4. I am sure it is the chemo!!

Kim x

Yes I had it every time I had FEC, not noticed so much with Taxotere - but Onc said the twinges were quite normal.
FEC shrank my lump from almost 6cm to 2.4cm - and now you can hardly feel it at all. I reckon the pains and twinges are definitely the chemo doing it’s work.

Good luck

I get pains under my arms… ???


The twinges and pains have been so welcome to me. The most shinkage I experienced was with the most twinges, it’s a lovely pain in a way, the cancer doesn’t like it!

Cecelia. x

Hmm interesting.

I’ve been getting these with zoladex.

Hope it’s a good sign,


Ask you BC nurse but I was led to believe the twinges are good, means it’s shrinking and complaining so that can’t be bad.

But give them a ring to put your mind at rest.

Cecelia. x

Will check with onc when I next see him, thank you Cecelia.

Just don’t remember any twinges when I was on chemo (over a year ago now so maybe I’ve forgotten).

Am quite interested to know if it’s the zoladex working it’s magic.


I had twinges in both breasts during chemo which was after a lumpectomy.My oncologist said it was absolutely normal even in unaffected Val