Just wondering if anybody else is suffering from twitching… Under my right eye like the bag of my eye and the sole of my left foot… The foot looks like there’s an alien in there moving about its very freaky…

Not sure If its related to tax and carbo that iv just finished, or if it’s something else entirely like lack of sleep or something missing from my diet maybe.

I know it’s a bit random, but it’s actually very annoying.


Any time I’m really tired, lack of sleep kind of tired, my eyelids twitch. I was told that the small muscles like those around the eyes are more susceptible to tiredness than the larger muscles . Still very annoying. Who wants to look like they’re winking at everyone!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a bit knackered, you’ve been UAN a bit often recently.


Thanks cm I have had the eyelid twitching thing you have mentioned but this is different as its under my eye on the bone where the bags of yiur eyes are and the eyelid twitching is tiny and can barely see it where this is a bit more pronounced… The foot one is very obvious and almost feels like bubbles rippling through my foot.

Amyway off to bed now to give my twitching some rest lol

i get twitching sometimes if i am really tired/run down. and i get it under my eye ( where you would get bags under your eyes/at top of the cheek bone). it lasts a day or so on and off. and i can definitely see it twitching away.

TTM xxx

Can’t offer any useful comment - just to say that I had to read the thread to find out if it was to do with symptoms or bird watching!!!

Hope the twitches subside soon.


Just to let you know I had terrible twitching when I was on tax. My eye was one, I had another twitch in my stomach same place each time and then it started in my right thumb. I remember being really worried at the time as I was having eye focus problems on tax too, with accompanying headaches. Started after my second tax. Eventually wore off a few weeks after finishing chemo. Tiredness and anxiety definetly a factor.

Thanks everybody.

Yeah cat mine is the same place every time…, the eye one has been going on for weeks, but not as frequently as it is now or so much that it actually makes my vision flicker but the foot one is more recent, but been massaging my feet to see if that helps… Hasnt done so far lol.

Just glad to know its not just me… Iv had a good few nights of sleep recently so will see if it lessens now.

Lulu x