Two days to go

Two days to go

Two days to go Hi everyone,

Didn’t talk yesterday, had Mothers day without trying to think about my results. Trying to keep busy today, the waiting seems endless, I think its been the longest week for me, and I am sure for you all too.

How are you today Ginger2 and Ross? Not long to go now.

Can I ask Supersue (you spoke to me last time) if the results of my 2cm lump comes back not cancer, do you think they will remove it anyway? If it is left, can it cause more problems. You may not be able to answer, but you are quite knowledgeable of all these scenarios. Hope this forum finds you ok at the moment.

I have had some terrible stabbing pains in my boob the last few days, probably the shock of all the needles going in.

Speak soon, love to you all


If I was you I’d have it removed Whatever it turns out to be. I was glad I had mine removed. I was told it was definitely not cancer but as I was over forty they said it was best to have it taken out anyway.

It proved to be cancer after all. This was quite a while after I first found it but fortunately it was still small and there was no evidence of any spread.


did you have other treatment Hi,

Did they do any other treatment after it was taken out? Personal question but did it deform the breast??
Glad you are OK!!!

Same questions as Ronnie Hi,

Hope you had a good mothers day. I had a good day, forgot about it all for a bit. But now getting scared again. Feel a bit of Flu coming on so that’s not helping. But that’s the least of my worries eh! Sleeped OK last night too. I’m having " phantom" pains too. Think it’s just a trick of the brain, we’re thinking about it all the time even when we pretend we’re not. I’m expecting them to say they want to take it out whatever the result. My doctor said they would do an incision by the nipple, under a local??? Is this normal for somethin about 9mm?
Anyway, chin up Ronnie, we’ll get through it. Have a nice evening

removal Hi Mole

Thanks for your reply. Why did they tell you it was not cancer and then it proved to be cancer? Was it tested after they took it out. Like you, I think I will have it taken out if asked as, on the next mamogram it will show up again, and the whole scenario repeats itself. I am glad you are ok now. What happened when they told you it was cancer, did you have to have any other treatment or was that it?


Hello Ginger2

Feeling exactly the same as you. Hubby and I been discussing all sorts of things. I told him tonight that if I have breast cancer, I am selling my car and going on a cruise once treatment is over. He looked a bit sad really, expect the partners go through it too, all this waiting.

He has had a lot to contend with as I have had major surgery 3 times and I am registered disabled with this rotten arthritis so he has seen me go through a lot already.

Did your doctor say they would take it out even if its not cancer? So we can expect some sort of surgery anyway.

just want Tuesday out of the way, I have all sorts of aches and pains and I am sure like you say, its stress.

Going to watch all the soaps etc, speak later, stay cheerful


my experience I had fine needle aspirations (2) and core biopsies (5) before my lump was taken out. The core biopsies took forever to be analysed, but eventually I was told that I definitely didn’t have cancer. When I went to have the lump removed I was told before hand that all lumps are sent off for analysis but was assured mine would be a harmless fibroadenoma.

Three weeks later I was told I did have cancer, it was invasive plus DCIS and that I’d need another operation.

I am afraid that in about four in a thousand cases the original tests don’t pick up the problem. Mine was low grade cancer, I had a segmental mastectomy, radiotherapy and was told I should take tamoxifen for five years.


Hi Ronnie The waiting seems endless doesn’t it, I’m trying to stay positve and busy too. I was told that depending on my results I may need the lump removed, to be honest even if it is benign I think I would be happier getting it removed for my own peace of mind. I’m getting pains in my boob too and it is a bit bruised, think the worrying makes it worse though. Wishing you all the best for your results (and for everyone else waiting to hear their results too)

A little bit of hope Just to give you girls on this thread a little bit of hope. I was actually told that the radiologist gave me a grade 4 when she did the ultrasound and after speaking to her she just said that Grade 5 definately would be cancer, so she gave me 50% to 75% malignancy. The lump turned out to be benign so there are quite a few of us lucky ones out here.

If I were asked (which I wasnt because I didnt have a choice) I would still have had the excision, I was told that lumps can hinder mammograms and ultrasounds by covering up something that should be seen.

So good luck to you all and I have everything crossed for all of you.

yvonne x

Thanks to all of you who have replied. Only one day to wait now. Will let you know the result once I have heard.

Good Luck to you all


Hi Ronnie Hi Ronnie,

I guess it will all depend on what the doctors find. If the lump is benign they may decide it needs removing or they might give you the choice of whether to have it removed or they might suggest leaving it - all depending on what they find.

I know that’s not very helpful. I can tell that you are trying to cope by considering every possible scenario. But you won’t really know until you’ve had your appointment to find out the results.

My best advice, for what it’s worth, is to write all your questions down and to take someone with you to the appointment. I know the wait is awful but there isn’t much you can do to alleviate the worry.

My next best advice is about selling the car and going on the cruise - maybe you should consider planning the cruise whatever the results if that’s really what you’d like to do. Just a thought.

Best of luck for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

With very best wishes,


One more day to go… Hi,

I’m the same as you today Ronnie, too much thinking! Thing is, if it is cancer, we will want to get going straight away, have it cut out and get on with life. I haven’t told any of my family I’m engaged yet as I want to have it as the good news to some bad news. It was informative to hear about your experience Mole, it seems that we need to double check even if they say the lump is benign. I’m having silly phantom pains, hurts under my arms too, but then that could be from my biking … too many thoughts.

Thinking of you Ronnie Hi Ronnie - will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. Ginger2 came back with fantastic news …

Please post tomorrow.

My results are on Thursday - appointment came today - 11am. Have had a good few days - put it to the back of my mind. But as the appoinment approaches, reality is coming back.

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow.


just wanted to send best wishes to all who are waiting for results will be thinking of you all
love sharon x

Good luck for tomorrow, I should have my results by the end of the week and although I’ve held things together I’ve started to become a bit of a wreck today, I think it’s getting so close to knowing one way or the other now, I will keep everything crossed for you.

Hi there

just to let you know of my own experience, a member has just pointed out that if the lump is left it could hide something from scans etc and how true, my lump was 39mm and shrank to 4mm, it was only after it had shrank and had another scan that it revealed possible DCIS and therefore i went from a lumpectomy to a mastectomy so my lump really did hide hidden dangers. It was confirmed after that it was DCIS.

Anyway good luck everyone with your results, we are all behind you.


Good luck all… Hi Ronnie & all those waiting for results

I just wanted to wish you all good luck, please let us know how you get on.

Luv Lynn x