two different types of cancer

two different types of cancer

two different types of cancer Hi, I don’t know if anyone can help me or knows of a similar situation .I was diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative in march and had wle, (no lymph node involvement) and started a course of chemo.However at my1st meeting with my oncologist he thought I had better have the lump on my left breast re scanned , (this was the lump I went with originally and was told nothing there but right lump found at the time)

biopsy of left breast revelealed grade 2 hormone receptor positive , so chemo stopped and have just had bi-lateral mastectomy . and will get results of lymph nodes tomorrow Thus a primary cancer in each breast both different / It really is quite frightrening

,. If anyone knows of similar situations success stories, treatments, etc. I would appreciate your help .

Many thanks

Hi Ruffy,
Flippin eck you don’t do things by half do you! :slight_smile:
My situation is’nt like yours, my only advice would be perhaps you could get in touch with Breast Cancer Care by phone and see if they provide you with peer support with someone with a similar diagnosis to yourself.
I did that a few months ago and it really helped.
Sorry I can’t be of anymore help.
Best Wishes
Linda xx

Peer Support Dear ruffyp

I see that Linda has kindly suggested that Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Peer Support’ may be helpful to you. Here you are matched up with someone who is either going through or has gone through similar circumstances to yourself. Age groups are also taken into consideration when matching people for peer support.

If you think this may help at all please follow the link below. If you have any trouble following the link you can always phone the help line on 0808 800 6000 and they will pass your details to 'Peer Support.

The link to follow is:

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I had mastectomy in April and histology showed THREE different kinds of cancer in my right breast.

One DCIS (2mm), One IDC hormone receptive ER and PR (6.5mm) and one IDC hormone receptor negative(3.5mm)!

None of my tumours were detected on mammogram or u/s and the only sign I had a problem at all was an enlarged lymph node in my armpit. The biopsy on that lymph node was ER and PR negative, but HER2 positive!

Am waiting for results as to whether 3.5mm ER and PR negative is HER2 positive…but it would appear that it will be and that it is that tumour which manifested itself in my lymph.

Fortunately for me, I noticed the enlarged lymph node which turned out to be the only one of the 17 I had that was affected.


Hi I had a grade 2 triple neg 9mm lump removed last year then had e-cmf chemo for 7 months then two months after I finished the chemo I discovered another lump in the same breast so have had a mastectomy it was a new primary grade 3 15mm lump and was of a diferent type of cancer (don’t know what type yet but is hr- and pr- not had results for her2 yet) just finished taxotere chemo…going for rads planning tomorrow, then recon next year hopefully !! no node involvement…