Two lumps on and near mx scar!! Worried..

Hi everyone,

Mum had her mx on the left breast in December 2010, mum is 68 years old everything to date has been going very well. She didn’t have to have any radiation or chemo and she is on medication armidex (sorry if spelling wrong) as she is hormone respetive.

This morning she has told me that she has found two lumps one to the side of her scar about the size of a 10p piece and another actually on the scar line a little smaller. I am no doctor but I think it may be down to scar tissue, I have spoken to bcn this morning and she has made an appointment for Mum to see her consultant tomorrow (16 August 2011). Mum obviously very worried but I am doing my best to try and reassure her, but mum does get very anxious and she suffers with aghrophobia, so this is all very difficult for her. Hopefully, Consultant at the RUH will have some good news. Is it likely they will want to do a mammogram?.




Sorry you & mum have this worry at the moment & I’ll keep my fingers crossed it is scar tissue.

Not sure if they would do a mammo as your mum had a mx. Possible they may do an ultrasound which could show if it is scar tissue.

Really good you have such a prompt appointment; always better to get it checked. I hope your mum copes with having an appointment; but with such a supportive daughter to help I’m sure she’ll be OK.

Let us know how she gets on.

Lots of hugs

Hi Everyone,

Mum had her appointment today at Bath RUH, had her Ultrasound Scan and had to have two biopsies. She found two lumps at the site she had the mastectomy back in December 2010. They took two samples today. We have to go back next week for results. Mum very brave, but a little concerned obviously. The lady who did the Ultrasound said that there is a 50/50 chance that these are scar tissue lumps, but she couldn’t be precise so has done the biopsies.

Well we will wait and see what the results bring.


I was in the same situation a year ago and found lumps on my MX scar. I had biopsies which were clear, but Surgeon decided to open the scar anyway and clear a lot of debris out. Hope this is the case for your Mam. Unfortunately my scar was glued and burst open about 10 days later and I am still having treatment a year on, it just won`t heal. I am now seeing a plastic Surgeon to try and get it healed. The opinion is, if it had been sutured there would have been less risk of it opening. Just thought if your Mam has her scar opened again to ask for sutures. Hope results are good and it is scar tissue.