two more small lumps have popped up on my reconstruction aga

two small lumps have appeard on my reconstruction again, since i had the last four removed in oct 2011 waiting to see my surgeon next week it never ends.

Hi lollypop
sorry to hear ur news :frowning: Hopefully it’s nothing but I can understand ur concern after the skin recurrence u had last yr. Have u had any treatment at all since then? Ask for a biopsy, it’s the only way to know for sure either way. I would ask to be seen urgently- see if ur bcn can get u seen this wk.
Good luck x

hi gingerbud how are you doing, i did speak to my breast nurse on the phone yesterday, but my surgeon is away this week but she said i could see the other instaed on thurs who i dont like very much, so i said i will wait until next week the little lumps are not like the other ones so lets hope they are not anything sinister, last year i had the others removed and because i was ned after the op ididnot need anymore treatment. happy newyear to you. x

Happy new yr to u too. Fingers crossed these new nodules are unrelated + u can put it behind u :wink:
good luck xx