Two new primary breast cancers one hormone receptive one not

Has anyone else had two tumours, one hormone receptive and one not? I thought the treatments were different from each other. The tumours are in opposite breasts.


I am too on my second dose of BC, the first was hormone receptive and the second not. They were both in the same breast, the first treatment I had (12 years ago) lumpectomy and radiotherapy and tamoxifen and this time mastectomy and chemo to start 3rd October.


Hi Lesley,

Funny enough my first BC was 12 years ago, this time I have a tumour in both breasts as I said. I start my chemo this morning, I must admit I am not looking forward to it as I know what to expect. Still upwards and onwards, at least it will be one session out of the way.

Hi Carol

I dont know about you but I thought once I had had BC 12 years ago that was my turn and then wham it hits again.
I really hope your chem goes well for you, are you having the cold cap?? did you have chemo last time?

I am going on the “looking good” session today and then the wig lady Thursday, I am not working and my doctor wants me to stay off work until I have finished treatment (which suits me as I have a stressful job and I think I would always be on guard as sometimes I have started to be a bot snappy!!!) and give it 100%.


Hi Lesley,

Well the chemo went as expected, I felt sick all week, but not actually sick, at least the suite did not smell of chemicals and the nurses were really professional. I did not have the cold cap as I dont think it is worth saving a little of your hair, if its going to go, its going to go. I have a nice wig waiting for the time, although I have been told that not everyone actually loses their hair, its a bit hit and miss?

Hope all goes well for you.