Two patches of discolouration

I am very concerned as I have two patches of slightly raised discolouration on the upper part of my right breast. They’ve been there for at least three months, but I’m not sure if there’re slowly spreading, or if it’s my mind playing tricks.

i have no swelling, no pain and my nipple is fine, and no lumps in my armpit, but I’ve convinced myself it’s IBC. I have been to my GP, who says she’s referring me to the breast clinic, but I’m going to have to wait over Xmas, and it’s so worrying.

hi joobs,
Please dont convince yourself its IBC, google is best avoided as it does not reassure & feeds anxiety.
Of all the things it can be, bc is the least likely outcome, let alone IBC.
You’ve done the tight thing by getting referred & the clinic will sort out this out for you. Mostly, all turns out to be well.
Easier said than done, but try to put it out of your mind until the appointment.
take care
ann x

glad it helped, joobs, you’re absolutely right about google, it has its place, but not at the mo!
ann x