Two view mammography??

I was just reading on this site that in Scotland ladies are to now get this ‘Two view mammography’ Can someone enlighten me as to what this means.

It seems to me we in England seem to be poor in getting ‘anything’ be it free perscriptions, parking at hosps and now this.

Anyone know where i can read more about the employment charter? i have searched this site and can’t find anything on it.


Hi Liverbird

I have copied the link for the Employment Charter below for you:

You will find information about two view mammography here:

Best wishes

Thanks a lot Lucy

I thought we were already getting two view mammograms in england, I definitely had two views per breast when I had my last mammograms

Yes Mole the article in the paper has confused me about 2 view mammography. I didnt think it meant the simple 2 view we get and i have had, i assumed it was something more involved. After reading the above links its made it clearer and i have always had 2 view mammography so its Scotland who are behind us for a change.