Two years today

Hi everyone…just thought I would post my news. It is two years ago today since my primary diagnosis…from a routine mammagram …just one week after I retired from work. Six weeks later I got my secondary dx. All those retirement plans out of the window…
Diagnosed lobular cancer in both breasts and some cells in a lesion just under my breast. Spread to bones, including ribs, upper spine and pelvis also ‘shadows’ in peritoneal area, which the ONC said were cancer.

I have been on LETROZOLE for 22 months and also Zometa and adcal. My TMs have fallen steadily since then apart from June when the went up slightly. Had a blood test this week and they have gone back down and are now at the lowest they have ever been!!!
Hubby and I have revisited some of those plans…took GDs to Florida in Aug and are hoping to do a trip to the US southern states next Feb. looking forward to Christmas…Christmas 2012 I was sure was going to be my last. Youngest son’s wedding next August…yes i ache sometimes, and can’t sleep well, demons always waiting to pounce, but on the whole life is good…

Thank you so much for posting this good news :slight_smile: xx

Its always good to hear good news.Continue to enjoy life and your retirement plans xx