tykerb/lapatanib Hi all

I’ve been told that i’ll be eligible for lapatanib in the next few weeks under the expanded access programme.

My understanding was that this was only available when administered with capecitabine which I’ve had already and had to stop due to side effects (oh, and the fact it wasn’t working).

Has anyone had or is anyone having lapatanib on its own on the NHS? I’ve had four other chemos, herceptin, and most of the hormonals. My onc has been wrong twice before when telling me i’m eligible for trials so i’m a bit wary of taking his word for it and wondering if anyone has had experience of this without capecitabine? Any info appreciated!



Hi Rachael

I’ve been on capecitabine since October and lo and behold if my oncologist didn’t take me off it last wednesday due to side effrects. What were yours? Mine was a delightful rash overtaking my body…

Anyway I had kind of given up on getting on a tykerb trial - given my fruitless investigations when first dx with liver mets.

I haven’t looked into it again - but did read about the extended access for capecitabine/tykerb on this website:


But my oncologist was talking other options - now it seems my run on xeloda is over - and he mentioned taxotere + tykerb - so it might be it is available even if you aren’t on capecitabine.

good luck with it.