type of chemo..

Hi Ladies



II visited the onc today and was surprised at the outcome and any thoughts would be appreciated.


They advised that initially my results were 1 node positive,  1 node micromet, this led to me having full clearance,  fortunately no further node involvement.  Today I have been advised the onc wants the micromet checking to make sure it is a micromet as the pathology report is not straight forward…they will then offer the following. 


If the original report was correct I will be offered Fec, if they decide the micromet is now a macromet they will class me as two nodes positive and I will have Tac. I will find out next week and hopefully start the week after, is this treatment plan similar to anyone’s. I always assumed that as I was node positive I would automatically have Tac, im going to post on chemo thread as well and see if any ladies previously treated have been advised this.


Thanks ladies xxx


PS - grade 3