Ultrasound clear. Is it normal to have MRI also?

Hello. A little background…I posted for the first time a couple weeks back after being referred by my gp for an indentation in my left breast. I’m 32 with no family history. I was upset as on my appointment day at the One Stop clinic, the consultant informed me that due to annual leave no scans or tests would be taking place that day. As a result I had my ultrasound last Saturday and luckily the ultrasound consultant scanning me told me all looked normal. I was so relieved. I met with my consultant today at the breast clinic and he told me nothing was untoward on my scan and although I still have the indentation there’s no lumps. He examined me again and was still happy no lumps. He is scheduling a MRI for me to try to work out the cause of the indent but he told me he is not looking for cancer merely an explanation for the indent (if any). I’m so pleased but a teeny but anxious still incase MRI shows anything. Is it normal to still feel nervous when he told me cancer wasnt concerning him? Also, is it normal procedure to do a MRI even though ultrasound fine and he has no concerns? Thanks x

Hi Anxiousmum,
Try not to worry, he’s being thorough & so he should be.
Mammos are not as accurate for younger women & or those with dense breast tissue, so an mri is the better investigative option in this situation.
It’s better to get to the bottom of it.
ann x.

Thanks Ann. I know I should trust him when he says he is by looking for cancer and not to worry but I guess until I’ve had it and have the results I will definitely be anxious. I am glad though that he is being thorough. Thank u x