Unable to sleep

I’m new to this forum so bear with me!!

I have had breast cancer twice the last time 4 years ago when I had a mastectomy, reconstruction and chemo. The other day I found a lump in the same breast and am so worried I’ve got cancer again. I can’t sleep as every time I switch the light off my brain seems to go into overdrive. I’ve been to the GP and am in that horrible bit where I’m waiting for a hospital appointment. My head tells me it’s probably nothing to worry about but my heart doesn’t believe it. Has anyone else been in this position?

Hi Gina

Welcome to the forum.  I am sure that someone will be along shortly offering support to you whilst you are in this period of limbo, waiting for your hospital appointment.  In the meantime, please do give our support line a call, they are open today 9-5, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Hi. I’m not surprised you are having trouble sleeping. I don’t have your previous history I’m just waiting for biopsy results… I just wanted to say hi.

Do you know how long you may have to wait for an appointment? Has your GP referred you as urgent? I really hope that you don’t have to wait long and that it turns out to be nothing. Keep us posted. Best wishes.

I hope all will be well Gina. I’m waiting for my first appointment - bad timing going to gp the week before Christmas.