Uncertain Lung Mets and Confirmed liver mets

Hi ladies,
Has anyone else ever been told they are unsure if you have lung mets or not?
I was diagnosed a few weeks back with a 4cm tumor in liver and then some small legions and cloud in my right lung. However they’ve said they presume it’s related to breast cancer but can’t be sure until starting chemo. Anyone else had this? I was worried about starting chemo if it is an infection…
I’d be very interested to hear anyone’s experience the same? Xxxx

Hi JadiCakes

i am in your position. I got very breathless, in Jan I ended up in hospital looking for lung problems and they saw in my ct scan extensive bone mets. Back to oncology after primary dx in Jan 07’ and lots of tests because despite numerous ct scans, a broncoscopy and lung function tests they still can’t be sure if it’s lung mets.


Clearly they can’t see anything, but are highly suspicious. There is a rare thing my onc said he’d seen only 3 times in 20 years… Lung mets in the tiny airways which they can’t actually see. Not like other lung mets. The other thing it could be is adult bronchiolitis - again very rare which they know very little about and is hard to dx.


So, after 4 months of tests and being on hormone tablets (tamoxifen) they have just started me on chemo, they held back but as nothing (steroids) have made my breathing better (can’t walk 20 metres) so they want to get on with chemo and see if it works…  I’m on pacitaxel. 3 weeks on and one week off…


Helen xxx

Hi Helen thanks for that. It’s such a strange thing not having a definate diagnosis there. My breathlessness had got better since starting chemo but I did have flu and all sorts beginning of the year and my most recent chest X-ray was clear of cloud.
But they have recently said my heart is damaged from previous treatment and this can cause breathlessness so it’s another maybe. I hope they find out what is wrong for you it’s distressing not knowing!! Xxx