Under arm pain

Hello , New on here I have a doctors appointment tomorrow because I have pain under my left arm pit and also down the side of my Brest since Saturday I’m 56 and never had anything like this before , I’m so worried what the doctors will say , bit of a panicky person and worry about everything been can we at the moment , I have been reading your posts on here and can’t believe how brave people are , my mum had breast cancer in her eighties and had her breast removed but was told by my doctors that because of her age it doesn’t count for me getting it ??which surprised me , just thaught some one on here can put some light on that . 

hi cobby,
You are doing all the right things by getting it checked out, mostly, all’s well, but if it is more serious, then the earlier the better it is to get it sorted.
In respect if your mum, it could be that if we all live long enough it will be something & there would not necessarily be a link. With heart disease, for example, only early onset heart disease is considered relevant in family history.
do take care
ann x