underactive thyroid and breast cancer

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have an underactive thyroid of which I’ve had for 30 year’s, I’m worried about how this might affect my chances of recovery and my mascetamory

I am really confused so how are you doing feeling today,?? What’s happening with your health and are you still working??

My pre-op blood tests showed an underactive thyroid.  Could have had it for years for all I know as I hadn’t a clue!

Hi hope your OK, did they have to change any off your treatment? If you already had an underactive thyroid you probably would have known, the signs can vary but your body definitely knows it’s not working well xxx

Thank you for your reply, I was concerned about my thyroid as if went wrong again about 3 month’s before I was diagnosed with B/C HER2 and I wondered if there was possibly a connection and if its not working properly what effect would the chemo have!

Hi. I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer, no treatment yet because HER2 results not back yet. I’ve had hypothyroidism for nearly 34 years. And one of my many thoughts have been, if Drs had listened to me when I said I didn’t feel right, or complained about shoulder and back pains, instead of saying oh it’s probably your thyroid, let’s do a blood, which comes back adequate, what ever that means, to me adequate isn’t good enough, to me alarm bells should be ringing and they should saying we’d like you to come back in a couple of months to recheck. Likewise with the recurring water infections I’ve had. My question is if the dr had listened to me and what my body was saying would I be here now with breast cancer or could they have caught it earlier and prevented it.