Underarm swelling 2 weeks after Core Biopsy

Hi All

Just wondered if any of you had swelling (feels like fluid) in your armpit after your core biopsy as I have and am hoping it is quite normal?

Thanks Jo

Hi Jo
It sounds like a seroma which is a build up of fluid that is usually drained by the lymph glands.It will drain eventually but if it gets too uncomfortable call your bc nurse and they can drain it for you.It still may come back,but they don’t like to drain it too often in case of infection.I had my op on 15th April and it has only just settled down.
If you are concerned call your nurse.

Take Care

Hi Mary

Thanks for your quick reply.

It is not too big yet and doesn’t hurt so just hoping it was normal and not my BC spreading. I know that fluid can build up after surgery but i didn’t know it could after a core biopsy. Keep thinking that as it is Invasive Cancer, the core biopsy may have dislodged some cancerous cells and infected the lymph nodes and the fluid is the result. You know how your mind goes into overdrive.

I will phone my BC if it gets worse - why do these things always happen at the weekend?

Jo xx

I think it’s the law of health problems that they always appear over the weekend! Try not to let your mind go too much into over-drive … difficult I know.

Hope the swelling goes down soon.

Thanks lilacblushes.

I am feeling calmer now - trying to do the visualisation thing - thinking I am on a sandy beach with the hot sun on my bod.

Oh! well back to reality - better make the dinner.

It really does help to just put your fears on here and then they don’t seem so bad - thanks again for just answering me.

Jo xx

Awww poor you having to come back from the beach and right into the kitchen. I know what you mean tho about unloading on here - it’s always a help to just get in off your mind. Have your BCN check the swelling for you at the beginning of the week.