Unexpected HER2 positive (3) & Chemotherapy

Hello, yesterday my partner had her results from double mastectomy, her original diagnosis was DCIS with 3cm tumor, got clear margins with mastectomy and removed 2 lymph nodes one of which had cancer (the first one) one of her breasts had a 1mm, 3mm and 9mm cancer cells, so it’s now confirmed its HER2 positive grade 3…I think.
she’s to have chemotherapy followed by some other drugs over 12 months, can’t remember the name, also the rest of her lymph nodes are to be removed on right side. She only had her double mastectomy 2 weeks ago and is recovering really well, but now has to go through this, we are so frightened as never expected any of this.

Hi Chris
It is a really difficult time, both physically and emotionally. But this is a good place to come for help and support.
At this stage I would just say try to take one day at a time. If you think about all the different treatments that she will need, it gets too much. She will have plenty of time to recover from the surgery and there will be plenty of support along the way. Chemo will not be as bad as you think and radiotherapy will be fine. Just take one step at a time and you will both get through it.
Sending a hug x

Thank you x

Hi Chris,


I agree with Sue. Try to take one treatment at a time. You’ll be surprised that once you get going things fall into place and become manageable. Chemo can be tough for some but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. I had a few bad days but for me it was no way as hideous as I thought it was going to be. 20 months post-diagnosis, surgery and chemo I’m doing pretty well apart from a few moans that advancing years probably would have brought on anyway.


Herceptin is a revolutionary drug for HER2+ people and a great treatment for your partner to have in her arsenal.  Last year I met a lady who was one of the first people to have it as standard treatment in the UK and she was 10+ years on from her original diagnosis and the absolute life and soul of the party (I was at her mother’s funeral funnily enough).


Sounds like your partner has great support from you and the pair of you will get through it together and come out the other side. Let us know how things go. Always a friendly ear here.


Ruth xx

Thanks, it does help to read people’s stories and messages on here, at the moment I’m finding it hard, like I can’t breath, I feel like if I cry I will never stop…all sorts of negative things going through my head, but I am staying strong for her, I’m sure things will feel easier in time, it’s just another big shock, she had surgery 2 weeks ago and is healing very well, we decided not to have reconstruction, and she looks great! we are usually cycling around the world and should be in Southeast Asia at the moment, we had to pospone the trip when she was diagnosed back in February, but planned to start the trip in October, we are going to raise funds for Prevent breast cancer, but now it’s going to have to wait until she’s able to travel again, that’s one of the other things that’s upsetting her… thanks for your support xx