unsure about tamoxifen

I had a mastectomy six weeks ago because I had Paget’s disease. 4mm of DCIS was found in the breast tissue removed. My consultant has suggested I use tamoxifen to possibly reduce the chance of it happening in my other breast. I am concerned about the side affects of taking tamoxifen without any real guarantee that it will stop the cancer coming back.

Hi Bessie,

Did your consultant let you know how much the Tamoxifen will benefit you? There are some nasty side-effects, but not all people are effected by them, or are but only by some and to varying degrees – you won’t know where you fit in until you give it a while.

As to guarantees that the Tamoxifen will stop the cancer coming back, I don’t think any treatment can guarantee that, unfortunately. Tamoxifen will just reduce the risk.

Wishing you all the best,
Jacki x