Unsure of what happens next?

Hi All

I went to my doctors on Friday 26th Jan with a lump in my boob the Doctor examined me and felt the limp so referred me to the breast clinic. I also mentioned that I had a large fatty bit that was painful but he brushed that off and said I’ve got lumpy boobs. I had my appointment at the breast clinic on Friday 1st Feb and the consultant immediately said the lump was nothing to worry about but was concerned about the painful part so sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed the original lump was nothing to worry about but there was something suspicious in the painful bit but it was right under my breast tissue and above my ribs so he didn’t want to biopsy until I had a CT. He didn’t use the word cancer so am I right in assuming it is? I had the CT scan on Thursday 1st and have now just received a txt message for and appointment on Friday. Will I have Biopsy then? What is a biopsy? Is it painful? Sorry for all the questions I was in shock when they said they found something suspicious and I didnt really think of what to ask

Hiyer Tnh,


Welcome to the breast cancer care forum. It is hard to know an absolute answer as obviously only the consultant has seen the CT scan results. There are tow possibilities though to my mind a) the CT scan shows nothing that concerns them and there is no further action needed b) There is an area they want to biopsy, as they can’t tell what it is and there is an element of doubt about it, or they are more certain that is could be bc and want to biopsy. 

Even if you are in the b) category, it doesn’t mean that it IS breast cancer of course, it just means that there is something that they can’t account for on the ct scan and they want to test. So, this answers the question 'am I right in assuming it is breast cancer? '- no, not at this point. It may be that in your discussion with the consultant he/she is able to offer more of an opinion about if it is likely bc or not likely from what they have seen, but many consultants don’t like to do this as until they get biopsy results then nothing is certain.

It sounds like the location of this painful area is a bit tricky, so I am going to tell you about biopsy that happens ‘usually’, but please remember your situation may be different as requires a different technique or process. A fine needle biopsy or core biopsy is usually done with a shot of local anaesthetic, and done there and then, guided by ultrasound. It isn’t painful as you have a local anaesthetic and with a core biopsy you hear a click from the handheld unit as it takes a little piece out of the area they want to test. Unfortunately, there will be a wait for results from that biopsy, which is very emotionally and psychologically challenging to say the least.


I’m having computer problems here and wanted to write more, but it keeps ‘hanging’. Ask anything else you want and I hope to be sorted shortly. I’m sure others will come along too with additional thoughts.


Thank you for you response. I know there is something suspicious there as they picked it up on the ultrasound but think it’s in a difficult place that’s why he couldn’t biopsy there and then. I’m just trying to prepare myself as I do not like needles so hoping it’s not painful like you say. I’m fine when having the actual injection just get myself worked up at the thought of things! Once you have a biopsy how long does it take for results to come back? Do you know who you get the results from? do they go to your gp or do you have to go back for another appointment with the consultant? Sorry for all of the questions

Thank you so much for all of your help x