Unsure what scan has picked up


I am hoping someone can give me some information.Had results of scan today,liver and bone mets stable.Unfortunately there is something showing on scan in right lung very small,they say it could be an infection or cancer they are unsure.as they put it (question mark)Have to wait for six weeks for another scan as onocoligist said if it where to be an infection it will clear up in that time.Has anybody had this happen to them.

thank you

Hi Walsh,

I’m afraid you have to wait for the next scan. I don’t have the same situation as yours, but something similar. Every time I have a scan, it shows a spot in my lung, and doctors never know what it is. They usually say, if it won’t change until next scan it could be just scar or nodul, but if it’ll get bigger, it’s cancer. It was stable for few years now, however it’s still counts as suspicious.

Bone and liver results sound encouraging though, hopefully the next scan will bring good news. Good luck!

Olga x