unusual stinging pain after mastectomy

HI All

I just had a mastectomy on the 16th and complete lymph node clearance. I am getting these sharp stinging pains, like shocks on my back and shoulder area. They are painful, last a second and there is nothing there to see. Does anyone know what they are or does anyone else get them.
Thanks Stacie

Hi Stacie,

Yes I get those stinging pains, I had a Mastectomy in April and I was told that it is all the nerves and nerve endings that are reacting to surgery and repairing. I don’t get it so much now but I believe it can carry on for quite a while. I took strong painkillers for a few weeks after surgery.
Hope it settles down and good luck with it all

Hi Stacie

I had lots of sharp pains after mastect and lymph clearance. I was told it’s nerves healing, making new connections etc.

We have a lot of healing to do, so it’s probably within the realms of normal. xxx

Hi Stacie,

I had my op on 23rd July, and got lots of stinging pains 4 days after op, they have started to subside now. I found the pain killers something with paracetamol and codeine helped to subside the pain. Had my dressing removed today and now got lots of massage to do the area. Also suffering with cording around my elbow and going to see the physio next week.

Hope its starting to subside and its normal. x

I had my mx in February 2010 and had a variety of pains and discomfort at the time with stiffness, weakness etc but now six months later I am having sharp stabbing pains where the nerves are knitting together after months of ‘dead chest tissue’.
Not sure your stinging pains would be nerve healing so early after operation but why not speak to your BCN and get some in depth info.

Do hope the sensation reduces very soon,
Welsh girl