Update: bad news

Update: bad news

Update: bad news Thanks again everyone who responded to my last post, and those of you who’ve e-mailed me through the other site or from way back when we could contact each other through this site.

I have a cancer recurrence in my chest wall and clavicle lymph nodes. Had a CT scan today and will have bone scan on Weds…results of these next Tuesday. I’m hoping this is ‘just’ regional recurrence and not secondary spread as well…fearing the worse but hoping for the best. Whichever it will be more chemo.

Feeling pretty exhausted right now… a kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts. But you all know that and its this sense of connection in cyber space which helps so much.


Hello Jane Am really really sorry to read your news - its just s**t.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all your scans will be clear…the wait is awful - hang in there.


So sorry about the news, and here’s hoping that it is NOT what you fear.

dear Jane so sorry Dear Jane

I had feared the worst but what can you do? Soldier on and get the best quality of life you can regardless of whether it is a regional recurrence or more. I hope it’s regional - good luck with the scans and I hope they are not painful.

I am flying to the united states tomorrow but will try and log on as I am staying with a friend.


Fingers and everything else crossed I have been thinking about you alot today. I am sorry that you have had a regional recurrence and have everything crossed that there is no secondary spread on top off it.

I have put it in my diary to check the forum. Next Tuesday is the day when I go to see the surgical team for a routine followup, so it will be on my mind.

This has really affected me, even though I am pretty optimistic about my own odds now. Cancer Research UK called right after your last post and boy was I a soft touch. They said they were planning on doubling the number of trials and I am a sucker for a clinical trial right now. Been buying alot of eggs, too, since one of my neighbours sells them to raise money for Cancer Research (lovely fresh free ranges ones). And I will be putting lots of stuff out in the CRUK door to door collection on Wednesday. I am even thinking of donating my computer time to 'Compute Against Cancer" grid instead of the World Community Grid (even though I have alot of points racked up with the World Community Grid). Compute Against Cancer seems to offer cold hard cash to nonprofits whose members donate computer time, so Breast Cancer Care might want to take note!

It is just so unfair that you finally started to feel more optimistic and this happens. Take good care of yourself.



So sorry to hear your news. Hoping very much that it’s only a regional recurrence and not a secondary spread.

I shall be thinking about you. Take care

Dear Jane, thinking of you. Belinda.xx

Dear Jane

Just to say I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently and will continue to do so as you wait for yet more results. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your scans are clear.

Meanwhile…take care.


Sorry Hi Jane

Im really sorry to hear your news…i cant believe after 3+ years its reared its ugly head again…this disease is absolutely awfull…you must be shocked…

Wishing you good results from your CT scan and Bone scan…


Words fail me… Jane

I cannot express how sorry I was to hear your results. I was diagnosed 3 months later then you were and am always expecting bad news because of my poor prognosis.

I have always followed your posts because they are so interesting, honest and you are a very articulate lady. You have helped many people with your posts and I hope that you are able to continue for a long time to come.

I imagine you must feel just like you did when you were first diagnosed - completely and utterly devastated. Just to say that I have always said that if I have a recurrence I will have no further treatment as I want to enjoy my life whilst I am feeling well and able. Just remember we do have options!

This disease is such a b******!

Keep strong Jane you are doing really well under the most difficult circumstance. You are in my thoughts.

Love and lots of hugs

Please keep us updated.

So sorry Jane

I am sorry to read about your recurrence. I sincerely hope that it turns out to be “only” regional.

I can only remotely imagine how you must be feeling right now. Your posts are always so honest, informative and interesting. I hope you can draw support from this site and the other site right now as you have always offered so much support to others.

You are very much in my thoughts.


bjj xx

Thinking of you Jane and hopeing you get some good news soon. Josie x

recurrence I know that you will deal with whatever the outcome is but oh how I wish you didn’t have to! Wishing you the very best x

Jane I was so sorry to hear the result of your test. I hope you get all the information and emotional support you need here - as you have helped so many others, including me, over the past few years.
Thinking of you, and hoping for good news from your scan,

Dear Jane

I am so sorry that you are having to face up to all this again. I joined this rotten club shortly after you, although I don’t post much I have followed your story with interest.

I really hope that things are not as black as they seem to you at the moment. I guess we are all thinking ‘there but for the grace of God go I!’

Please let us know how you get on - I will be thinking of you.


So sorry to hear this Jane. We have “spoken” quite a few times, though not recently. I was diagnosed about the same time as you and also like you I was given a poor prognosis because of loads of nodes. I just logged in today to put out my own question and was devastated to see your post…

Jane So sorry to hear your bad news. Really hope the scans are clear.
I can only imagine how difficult this is to deal with.

Thinking of you

Dear Jane

I am so sorry that you are back on the roller coaster. You have always been an enormous support to so many of us in so many different ways I hope that we can support you over the coming days, weeks and months.

You are a truely amazing person and I just so wish this wasn’t happening to you.

Thinking of you and sending you love and warm wishes,

Becks and gang

We went through our first chemo together - we were both on AC and shared some of our experiences then. Since then I have ‘progressed’ and am currently undergoing a course of taxotere. You’re very much in my thoughts at this stressful time and I hope the news is as good as it can be.