Update on me (Lemongrove)

Hi Lemongrove,
Sorry to hear of the bad times you have had recently and all the best for some real improvement.
I post on the forum very infrequently - my OH has secondary breast cancer -and I have always found that your posts have been informative and full of a fighting spirit that is invaluable to all breast cancer sufferers. I was wondering what was happening with you, as I had not seen any posts recently, until now.
Just wishing you all the best with your fight against the BC beast.

Hi Lesley
Good to see you are back posting on the forum but what a rotten time you’ve had. Hope the surgery is healing and wishing you all the best with the next planned treatment. Keep posting!
Nicky x

Hi thinking of you take care , rest and hope things improve
Sarah66 x

Gosh what a time you have had. It is quite shocking that your original hospital just drained your seroma for 3 years - surely having problems for that long should suggest something else is up.
I hope you new drug combo has things under control soon and the side-effects are minimal.

Lemongrove - so sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time but so pleased that have are under medics you trust and making progress. Like the other posters I feel that winter has dragged on long enough (is it me or has it been greyer than usual?) really need spring!
dawnhc - sorry you are in hospital (nothing too drastic I hope) all the best from me

Just chipping in with my regrets that you’ve had such a rough time–as though BC and mets weren’t bad enough without poor treatment–and my best wishes for the future.

Lemongrove, so sorry hear what a tough time you’ve been having. Fingers crossed that the new chemo combination does the trick and keeps things in check, but that, if not, the rads work as well for you as the cyber knife did for you on the skull. Will be thinking about you, all best MG xx

Really sorry to hear about your rubbishy few months. I always look out for your posts so am glad you’ve updated us. It’s worrying when people go quiet on here …

Dawn, just to say I’m thinking of you and hope your stay at Kings hospital will be over soon. Best wishes that your new pain relief device does the trick, and at last gives you relief from your pain.

Hi Lemongrove,
Just wanted to send you hugs and best wishes and am pleased you are feeling better. I too look out for your posts as they are so informative.

Good to see you back on the boards, LG, and I’m so glad to hear you’ve come out the other side of what must have been an awful time. Fingers and everything else crossed that you’re healing well now and that this chemo combination will work well for you, with minimal SEs. Take it easy.

Dear Lemongrove,
You are an inspiration. With everything that you are going through you still spend time supporting others. I really hope that the treatment you are having is a success.
You have a wonderful attitude and deserve so much good luck.
With best wishes and thanks


Hi Lemongrove,
Not sure what has happened as I just posted something here and it seems to have disappeared.
At the risk of repeating myself I just wanted to say I am sorry you have been having a rough time.
You are an inspiration, finding time to support others when you are going through so much yourself.
I hope your newest round of treatment is successful.
You deserve so much good luck.
With thanks and best wishes


Jane that’s very nice of you. In the past, I have been helped by other members on here, and I think those of us with secondaries are in this together. We all know that what happens to one person today, can so easily happen to someone else tomorrow.

Welcome back. I am glad I saw your post as I don’t come to the site regularly anymore.
I always find your posts very informative and non judgemental. I am sorry you had such a rough time recently but glad you are feeling better.
Take care.

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time, Lemongrove, but glad you are feeling a bit better now. Was going to post earlier but on my kindle, the letters keep overwriting so I give up in frustration! Keep progressing in the right direction.


Hi Lemongrove,
you are truly inspirational and great at encouraging others to seek information about their treatment options and make decisions and not just accept what doctors offer to them.I do admire you for trying to make a difference for those with secondaries by sharing information and pushing everyone to ask for the best treatment possible.And thank you for that.
I really hope that you are feeling better by the day and that your next post will be good news.


Hi lemon grove , I have seen your discussion now , I have messaged you. I am sorry you have had such a tough time. Take care

Hi lemongrove, I’ve not been on for ages and even forgot all my login info! I’m so glad to be able to see you have come out the other end of a most horrid nightmare xxx lots of love to you, golightly, now Katster!

Hi lemongrove, I’ve not been on for ages and even forgot all my login info! I’m so glad to be able to see you have come out the other end of a most horrid nightmare xxx lots of love to you, golightly, now Katster!