Uplift on good boob

I had LD reconstructive surgery after I had my mastectomy. Now I am due to have an uplift on the other saggy boob. Has anyone had this done - any advice? How long does it take to recover?

I have just had (3 wks ago today) masectomy and recon to right using muscle from back and mastopexy (or boob lift to u and I!) on left. It doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as the recon and it looks bloo*y marvellous!!! My scars match and with the exception of my missing right nipple I look to all extents and purposes like I’ve had a boob job!! I am really pleased - I think it’s marvellous and my husband agrees!! And the bonus I now don’t need a bra any more - so I choose not to wear one - what liberty!!! My girlfriends are like SO jealous!! Recovery so far has been 3 weeks (don’t forget I’m recovering from the Masectomy /Recon at the same time). The drain was out after day 2, no collection of fluid, no pain in left arm, no loss of movement of any description and very little pain from the incisions - once the staples were out. No loss of sensation from the nipple either - which was a complete bonus. No numbness of any description on skin, very little swelling - what swelling there was took days rather than weeks to go down, no bruising. All in all, I would whole heartedly recommend you have it done. My friend said I look like I’ve got designer tits now - what a result!!!

Good luck!!!