Has anyone had a breast uplift/reduction in size after a lumpectomy?  I had 2WLE and radiotherapy, plus I lost my nipple and aereola so not only are they different sizes and one is higher than the other but without a nipple etc it looks a little odd too!!  I spoke briefly to my breast nurse and my doctor and appears it wont be a problem to have the uplift but I’m a bit scared to have anything done to a perfectly fit and healthy breast. I will have scarring around the nipple and a small one running down from the bottom of the areola so is it worth it?? Will I lose nipple sensation? would hate this to happen as I’ve only got 1!! I’m normally a DD cup but one is now on a D, you might think that wouldn’t be very noticeable, but without a bra its very noticeable. Would love to hear from anyone thats had one.


Hi jan65

Such difficult decisions we are continually faced with during this experience.

My experience was of a therapeutic mammoplasty - a breast reduction/uplift at same time as WLE so slighty different to your choices but from what you are concerned about I think maybe similar.  I will be honest and say I am delighted with having two breasts that look similar in clothes and without although rather battle worn, scars on both are similar - anchor shaped, around areola (having repositioned nipples) down from areola midline to underneath with one long scar from armpit to armpit with brief gap inline with cleavage.  The main issue for me is that I have no sensation in either nipple although they react to touch and temperature changes - this gives me hope that sensation may return as I dont understand how ‘they’ are obviously feeling something but I am not. I do honestly miss this simple ‘pleasure’ in life but in the scheme of things the surgery was worth every moment of discomfort and I feel this is a small price to pay for a matching pair of pert breasts that are cancer free - given the NED this week. 

Wishing you well in your decision making and please feel free to ask anything else that might be of help!




I had a reduction and ld flap reconstruction 10 weeks ago.  My reduced breast had nipple moved and although I do have scarring around the nipple and underneath, there is normal sensation in the nipple.  Hope that helps.

Hi Jan65,
I opted to have the non-affected side reduced to match about 1 year post diagnosis, and 6 months after finishing rads. Having lived a year lopsided i am delighted the the apperance, it has impacted in a positive way mentally, but as with all proceedures there are risks - varying from post-op infections, loss of nipple sensation, added scars.
Your surgeon ought to advise you on all of the risks, and benefits.
I am delighted to wear bras again that fit both breasts… M and S do pretty, soft post-op bras that are non-wired and kind on my scars. Look online and have deluvered to your nearest M&S, my local store is too small to carry the range.
Wishing you well with whatever route you choose for you x
LL xx