Im due to have my new nipple made and an uplift…my PS was unsure about touching the unmarked original breast,so has anyone had really good results from their uplift op?My recon breast is much firmer & bigger where my old breast is smaller & sags alittle.Any comments would help as im due to go in on the 30th ! Thanks for reading this.

I was really pleased with my uplift. The scarring is hardly noticeable, particularly when compared to the reconstructed breast. I could walk around the house without wearing a bra for the first time in years. It gave me very good symmetry. - My new nipple was made from part of my other one!

Hi Kelly,glad it all went well for you and thanks for replying its helped,may I ask how long were you in for and have you scarring around your old nipple?im having mine made from the Diep tissue in the recon breast.So pleased for you ! Best wishes Debs