Uplifted breast too high!

I had an uplift to my natural breast on Tuesday, and also liposuction and nipple on the DIEP breast.  The aim was to achieve symmetry.  Obviously they are still in dressings but I can see that they look completely different, the uplifted one is very high compared to the DIEP and it is very obvious in my bra.  The question I have is - does the uplifted one droop after a while?  At the moment I feel like it is just under my chin!


At the moment I wish I had just had the lipo done and left my natural breast alone, as before I could somehow bundle everything into a bra and they looked okay!  I know I am a bit down at the moment but I dread going to the dressings clinic next week as I am scared of what I will see.  Everyone keeps telling me that it’s all over now and I can get on with my life but all I can think of is I need more surgery to fix this.  It’s early days, I know, but I was really hoping that I would be pleased with the results, instead I am wishing I had left things as they were…

Hello Scarab

Your uplifited breast will be effected by gravity - it will take a little while but it will.  I find that different types of bra give different results so you might want to try that in the meantime. 


Hi ladies 

I can relate to this,I to have a post live at the moment ( take a read) 

im due to see a different  surgeon for more recon because my body is rejecting my r implant but I’m trying to get them to reduce the size of both. But I understand how we want breasts that make us happy and that we feel happy and how it’s important to get it right .

this site has made me realise I’m not alone and we must fight for what we believe we want to look like

i wish you all well and to one day be happy in our own. Skin X X X 

Hi, the same thing happened to me I was fine after masectomey and recon…Then they decided to uplift good breast…
What a Mess!! Now my bloob and my breasts live on different streets!!
I’ve gone from a 34c to a 34 DD I have had 2 skin infections…I know my surgeon is not a magician all I ever wanted was a bloob the same size has my breast.
My life has completely changed and my confidence is at an all time low.
I used to play golf, go out see people…Now its just me and the remote…
On a positive note I asked to see a plastic surgeon they put me forward then I phoned to see how long waiting list is, long!!
So I went to see doctor got him to write went back to see BC nurse got me taken off a routine list
Now I have an appointment in June…
I have remained Calm throughout my mescetomy no tears just my good sense of humour
However after op I decided not to sit and wait I want things done can’t afford private So doing everything I can.
I am single, slim and want my life back…
So Fight don’t sit round ask to see a new surgeon do some research find the best in your area…
Be polite but firm…
This is Your Life
Good Luck