ups and downs

Feel very depressed went for follow up thinking that for once I would get the all clear as I am off to Aus next month for 4 months. I finished the chemo and the rads last August The bone scan which I had last month because of a pain in my lower back came back all clear.
This is the first time that I have seen my surgeon since last December as I have been under the onc and as he is reading the notes he says that the ct scan last March mentioned something attached to the wall of the stomach near the naval. At the time I was in hospital for an embolism, pneumonia and neutropinic. You would have thought that someone would have mentioned it then. He says that he can’t feel anything and I have had chemo since. So to be on the safe side I am to have another ct scan and mammogram and of course the obligatory blood tests.

I have to consider myself very lucky that they are willing to give me all these tests and I am still hoping that just one day I go to the hospital and they say all is ok.
My bcn who just happened to be in the next room as I went past pulled me in gave me a tissue and said that she would get all these through for me next week and even the surgeon said that he would put urgent.

At the rate I am going I shall save on electricity as I shall be glowing in the dark after bone scans, ct scans, xrays and 7 weeks of rt


Hi marion,
What a nightmare for you and a worry you could do without, as you say surely someone should of mentioned it before when you were in hospital.
Hopefully its nothing to worry about, as they said these tests are ''to be on the safe side ‘’, your BCN sounds very good…like mine…and i’m sure she will get them through for you asap.

You will definetly be setting be setting the body scanners at the airport off when you go to Australia!!!

take care
karen x