Upset Stomach anyone?

Hi all

Started Tamoxifen 6 weeks ago - Had the initial hot flushes which have calmed down slightly now.

Has anyone else experienced an upset Stomach on Tamoxifen? Had a huge bout of spots 2 weeks ago which seems to have cleared up but now i have this!!! I have no problem in eating or being hungry, its just the other thing!!! oh the joys!!! Cant seem to stop burping too!!! ha ha

I hate this b****dy disease!!!

Mel x x x

Yes Mel,

With you all the way there. I could f**t for Britain and my stomach turned upside down, so my BC nurse advised me to try Acidophilus - bought at Holland & Barrett - and basically it’s a high dosage of the good bacteria, more so than you can get in the yogurt drinks.

It’s worked wonders for me. I take one a day.

I started Tamoxifen last July and all my symptoms seem to settle quickly apart from the tummy upset, but now thank God, that is under control.

Linda x

Hi there,
i too seem to have constant tummy upsets since starting tamoxifen - i used to have mild irritable bowel syndrome but since i started the tamoxifen it has got worse. i’m fed up with it!


Thank heavens for this thread, i thought it was just me having terrible stomach probs.

I seem to have spent the last 2 weeks in the loo, constant runs and stomach cramps, it is getting to the point where i dare not eat before going anywhere just in case i don’t make it :frowning: My family keep commenting on how skinny i am getting.
Anyhow will mention to the doctor tomorrow to see if they can help.


When I started tamoxifen back in Nov I started exactly the same thread. I had awful tummy upsets and was very windy. I tried some of those actimel drinks and after a while I was ok. I don’t take them any more but my stomach has settled down now. Hope that helps