Urgent advice please: big lump underneath mx

Hi there, I had an mx last Thursday wit h expander implant and I thought all was going well, but I’ve just noticed a,big lump dire tly underneath the site, which I had assumed was the valve (?) But it just seems to have got dramatically bigger and isfreaking me out. I just phoned the ward but there advice was to go to a&e if I’m worried, but that’s not possible right now. Anyone got any advice?


Sorry to hear you have more worries after your mx Tree. Probably a seroma, as Mary said. I had one that grew and grew and really freaked me out too!

Definitely get it checked out. I’m not sure what an expander implant involves so can’t comment on whether that might be contributing.

HOpe you’re doing ok after the op. xxxxx Jane

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Thanks so much for your replies ( hi Jane btw, hope things aren’t too bad for you)
Spoke to a different nurse from the ward today and he agreed with you ladies that it sounded like seroma and it could wait until my appointment on Mon, but to watch I don’t get a temperature…
Omg I am so sick of worrying and being scared and generally feeling like I am 9 years old.
Thanks again for replying.xx